Posted on 12/08/22

How Early Should I Plan For Car Shipping

How Early Should I Plan For Car Shipping

Time is an important factor in selecting the right car shipping company. What guarantee can they give you? They can give you an estimate that is based on their industry experience. This guide will help to choose a shipping company that is reliable and accurate in estimating.

Is there a guarantee of delivery?

Weather, construction delays, and other factors can all affect delivery times. Car shipping companies cannot guarantee a delivery time. Each company might give you a different estimate, which can lead to confusion and frustration. Car shipping companies cannot guarantee a specific date for your delivery due to changes in road conditions and environmental factors.

You can have a smooth and seamless transport experience if you work with the car carrier. Although a car shipping company can't predict the delivery date, they should be capable of giving you a time estimate. You should think of a few times you can drop your vehicle off. Your chances of getting your vehicle delivered on time are higher if you have more flexibility with your before and after dates.

Plan Ahead

It is crucial to find the right carrier for your shipping needs. There are many options available with different qualities and prices. A broker can help you find the right one so that you don't have too. Move Car offers more than just a thorough screening. We weed out over 8 000 carriers that don’t meet our criteria! We also offer door-to-door service with no upfront deposit and a 100% damage-free guarantee. Get a free quote today!