Posted on 04/08/22

How Does CarMax Auto Shipping Works

How Does CarMax Auto Shipping Works

CarMax is a company that has sold and bought used cars. CarMax is one of the largest car valuation firms in America and has extensive experience in buying and selling second-hand cars.

Did you know they also offer shipping for your car?

This information may seem new to you, but if you're curious about the process, keep reading!

What is the process?

CarMax makes it easy to ship a car. Once your shipment has arrived at its destination, you can book it, drop it off, and have it picked-up by a CarMax representative.

Here's an even more detailed explanation of how it works.

  • Request a Car Shipping Estimate - First, get in touch with CarMax, provide details about your route and request a free estimate. After CarMax receives all the information, they can schedule your shipment. After you have completed this, you can begin to prepare your car and search for CarMax locations that allow you to drop your car off.
  • CarMax representatives will ask you to clean the vehicle before dropping it off. Any item lost or damaged during the transportation is not the responsibility of CarMax. To ensure that the company is able to operate the car, the gas tank must be at least 1/4 full.
  • What documents will I need? - Your car's registration and driver's license are required. If you have not paid shipping charges, a valid payment method is also needed.
  • What's next - After dropping off your car, it may take between 2-21 days for your vehicle to arrive at your destination. The company will inform you about your car's shipping status, and any delays. After the car has arrived at its destination, you or a CarMax representative can pick it up from the CarMax location at the time scheduled.

Can they ship my car?

CarMax claims they can ship a wide range of cars, for different shipping reasons. CarMax can help you ship your car whether you're moving to a new location to start a job, or simply to move your car to another destination.

If your vehicle is not in operation or too large, they may not be able ship it. You will need to find a new carrier.

Leave it to the experts

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