Posted on 12/30/21

How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Auto Transport Industry For Carriers

How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Auto Transport Industry For Carriers

Coronavirus can affect all areas of American life directly or indirectly. The pandemic can have many negative and positive consequences for the car transport drivers who haul vehicles from coast to coast. In these times of uncertainty and rapidly changing circumstances, accurate, current information is the best resource for drivers on the roads. This guide is for drivers of auto transport during COVID-19.

Are Auto Transport Carriers More At Risk of Getting COVID-19?

We have not seen any evidence that truck drivers or auto carriers are at greater risk of Coronavirus as of April 1. The Department of Homeland Security has designated Transportation an essential sector. This means that carriers can still work while others shelter in place. Driving may be dangerous because they could be driving through infected areas, increasing their exposure risk.

How can drivers keep themselves safe at work?

Although truck driving is isolated, face-to-face interaction is still common during pickup and drop-off. Car transporters should practice social distance, wash their hands often, and clean surfaces. Carriers should avoid driving and seek medical attention immediately if they have any symptoms or are feeling unwell. Drivers who are at greater risk due to respiratory problems or compromised immune systems may want to suspend transport preemptively.

How will Coronavirus affect domestic shipping?

COVID-19 is changing the status quo and auto transport companies may have to change their normal ways of doing business. For example, both the pickup and drop-off parties should have a plan. This will ensure that they can keep their distance. It may be more difficult to find equipment, help, or basic necessities like hot meals on the road, with all the shutdown orders that are in place across the country.

It is a good idea to take extra time when planning routes and calling ahead if something seems unclear. You should also account for traffic jams. Because fewer people drive, the average travel time has drastically decreased in major cities throughout the country. Transporters may be able to reach destinations in a shorter time than usual.

What happens if you receive a shipment from overseas?

Ports are still open for most international shipments, even though there are restrictions on international travel. A carrier that picks up vehicles from countries with high COVID-19 rates - China Italy Iran, etc. Take extra care when taking possession. Before touching any surfaces, wipe them clean, use disposable gloves and wear a mask to protect your face.

What is the Economic Outlook for Carriers

The future and present of the economy are in great uncertainty right now, with both the stock market and unemployment numbers plummeting. The good news for auto transport drivers is that the news is not all bad. As campuses close, there has been a dramatic increase in college student car shipping. Students need to be able to transport their vehicles home with their belongings. Due to COVID-19, the snowbird season, when Florida retirees travel south for the summer, has started earlier this year. However, many elderly snowbirds are choosing to drive their cars home instead of taking flight plans because they are more at risk for serious complications. Although it may take longer, it is definitely worth the effort.

There may be fewer opportunities for auto transport companies moving from South to North. Due to the urgent nature of the situation and the risk of traveling anywhere, car transport carriers may have to accept lower rates. Some shippers are finding it difficult to survive right now because they have fewer orders than usual, despite the unusually high fuel cost. The number of vehicles that can be shipped is down by 75%.

This does not mean that auto transportation shipments have dropped 75%. The oversupply of carriers takes up the available vehicles, which is a terrible thing, but it makes it seem like the demand for carriers has increased. The car shipping industry is currently losing money. Nearly everyone is trying to reduce their losses. Move Car Auto Transport was told by one carrier that if they stop running their fixed costs, it would kill them. We will go out of business. We will continue to operate at a loss each day and pray for the best.

It is difficult to predict the long-term economic impacts on both the auto transport industry as a whole and individual car transport companies. Expect the volume of vehicles being shipped to remain low in the event of a recession/depression. As carriers vie for shipments, rates could drop even further. There is less reason to be optimistic when you consider that auto sales will drop sharply by 2020. Carriers should expect a prolonged and severe downturn in 2020 and possibly into 2021. This human tragedy has been made worse by the slow response of the government, which begins at the top. The economy is also affected. We know that Washington's poor leadership is costing us a lot in the car shipping business.

Auto Transport is possible on the roads

There are many auto transport companies that can haul your vehicle, whether it is to be shipped across the country or to a distant location. Since the 2008-2009 Recession, auto transport rates have never been so low. This is the best time to own your vehicle at your home, rather than having it parked in a garage or driveway. What would it cost to ship your vehicle during a pandemic? Get a quick estimate using the online calculator at Move Car  Auto Transport. Or call us if you have any questions.