Posted on 01/31/22

How Climate Change Could Affect Auto Transport

How Climate Change Could Affect Auto Transport

We are not a political website. We are a car transport business. We don't support any side. We believe in science because it drives our industry. Because science is improving our industry, trucks get better fuel mileage and lower prices. Global climate change is real and getting worse. Science is our passion, and science is what we believe in.

Things are only going to get worse as temperatures continue to rise due to human influences. California wildfires are becoming more severe each year. Hurricanes are getting stronger. Droughts are becoming more severe. Climate change is a hot topic. We might ignore it, but it doesn’t care if we ignore it. No matter what beliefs we hold, it will change. This is going to likely lead to dramatic changes in our lives, and if it doesn't, in the lives of our children or grandchildren.

We'll be focusing on how climate change might affect auto transport prices, and services. Because that's what our company does - we ship automobiles. However, global climate change will have far greater impacts than just those who transport cars for a living.

Climate change and auto transport: How it is changing

Wildfires. Hurricanes. Flooding. Drought. These are all effects of the increase in CO2 in our atmosphere. If you read our blog, you will know that we keep an eye on crazy weather because it can affect carriers, routes, and cars being shipped.

California is experiencing wildfires that are getting more common and stronger. They are becoming harder to contain. These are coming on the heels of record-breaking triple-digit temperatures. It's not just California. The Pacific Northwest, which includes Washington State and Oregon has been experiencing its own heatwave. For weeks, temperatures in the high 90's were common in an area that is comfortable at 65°F and sweating at 75°F. This is not normal. Also, it is not common to experience long periods of triple-digit temperatures in northern California for weeks.

This is unusual.

Climate change and auto transport - Carrier

Carriers have to withstand the elements more than any other person in the industry. They must load cars into it. They must unload it. It can hold tens to thousands of pounds worth of expensive cargo belonging to other people. It's not surprising that drivers don't want to deal with extreme weather.

Flooding in the northeast means that there are fewer places to pick up or deliver vehicles. Carriers will avoid areas that are flooded as standing water can cause loads to be damaged. Trucks can overheat when there are heatwaves to the west and south. Heavy snows during winter can block certain areas and make it difficult for customers to find carriers that will run routes through them.

Climate change will, therefore, almost certainly affect the routes carriers take. They will be unable to access and get to certain areas. This will likely lead to higher prices. Some routes are too dangerous for some companies and may cause them to go bankrupt. It is possible that we will see fewer carriers and more expensive routes in the next generation.

How climate change could impact auto transport - brokers

All people around the world will be affected by climate change. The United States will see a decrease in the number of people who ship vehicles and those who do, finding it more difficult to ship them.

Because they are based in offices and not on the roads, it is difficult to predict how climate change will affect auto transport brokers. Brokers will be faced with many of the same issues as carriers. It will be more difficult for customers to ship to certain locations at certain times. Brokers might end up with a lot of freight on national load boards, but no carriers to transport it.

As more regions become difficult to reach, they will likely see a decrease in customers. Many scientists agree that climate change will lead to rising sea levels. Unfortunately, we have not seen much evidence of this yet. This is probably why many people deny that climate change is happening. However, rising sea levels are likely to flood coastal cities. It is possible that large customer bases could disappear if auto shipping destinations are located near the coast.

This is going to be great.


This is not your typical blog post. We don't see anyone else talking about how climate changes could affect auto transportation brokers and customers, as well as prices, and services - in other words, the entire industry.

This is not all that real. Global climate change is real and not just speculative. It's only going to get worse before things get better. We don't know what will happen. We know it won't go well.

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