Posted on 11/15/22

How Cheap Is Too Much When You Ship A Car

How Cheap Is Too Much When You Ship A Car

You can save money on some things, such as generic toilet paper and marked-down milk. Shipping your vehicle is expensive. Trust, customer service, and adequate insurance are all important. With the right company, you can get everything you pay for. It pays to invest in the right company.

What It's Worth

Your vehicle's cost will depend on many factors, including the vehicle type you have, and type of carrier you require (open or closed transit), the distance you are traveling, and the speed at which you need it to reach your destination. A 4-door family car can be shipped for $600-$1,000. The winter months are the 'off-season and the cost is lower. It will cost more to ship a 4-door family vehicle the farther you travel. You get what you pay for: the time and effort saved, the hassle of driving, and the professional service of a shipping company.

Why are shipping fees all over the place?

People searching for car moving companies need to be aware that prices are not hard or fast guarantees. They are estimates of what it will cost to move a vehicle quickly.

However, these prices are not guaranteed by any carrier. The company you choose must still work with a carrier to transport your vehicle at the quoted price. Hidden fees can be a red flag that the company in which you are invested may not care about the bottom line. Do not rush to sign up with the first shipping company that you speak to. Compare prices and ensure you get all the details.

America's Leading Car Shipping Company

Should you trust your vehicle to an amateur or a mediocre person? A 5-star review is a guarantee that your vehicle will be handled well and delivered in perfect condition. Move Car is a trusted A+ BBB member since 2010. As if your car isn't worthy, trust the experts. Get a quote in minutes by filling out the contact form