Posted on 12/05/22

How Can You Ship A Car From New York To California

How Can You Ship A Car From New York To California

The family is moving from New York to California. It's stressful enough to travel without worrying about how to transport your car. Instead of taking your family on a road trip, you've chosen to use an auto transport company. You made the right choice. Move Car will do the heavy lifting. This article will outline all your options.

Closed or Open?

Move Car offers customers the choice of open or enclosed vehicle transport.

For most customers with a family car, open transport is the best option. This is a faster transport option and multiple vehicles can easily be serviced simultaneously on our trailers.

The enclosed option is usually reserved for luxury and sports cars. It's more expensive and takes longer. You get peace of mind knowing that your car is safe and secure and protected from any dangers.

What is the Price?

You could spend anywhere between $1000-$1500 to ship a vehicle from New York City to California. California is big. Los Angeles is quite different from San Francisco. It's approximately 381 miles and $100 more.

These are the main factors that contribute to the overall cost of the product:

  • Overall distance
  • Make/Model the vehicle
  • Type of transport (open/closed).
  • Supply and demand
  • Season

Call one of our agents to get a quote online or to find out how much you might pay. You will need to include all the details that we have mentioned.

Can I Pack my Stuff?

We get your desire to move your household items as quickly as possible. It may seem smart to pack your vehicle before shipping it to the bank. Unfortunately, household items are not included in the cost of shipping the vehicle. We cannot be held responsible for any other vehicle than the one you have given us.

Move Car offers more than just a thorough screening. We weed out over 8 000 carriers that don’t meet our criteria! We also offer door-to-door service with no upfront deposit and a 100% damage-free guarantee. Get a free quote today!