Posted on 11/25/22

How Can You Be Sure That Your Car Meets All Legal Requirements

How Can You Be Sure That Your Car Meets All Legal Requirements

Different protocols are required for shipping your vehicle from one state to another. We have the solution for you, no matter where your vehicle is headed. The right information will lead to the best outcome. Let's get started, for a smooth shipping experience.

Documentation Required to Ship Your Vehicle

Let's dive into the legal details of shipping your car. You will need to prove that your vehicle has been registered and insured before you can use a shipping company. The following are the options for shipping within the United States:

  • Title and registration. You will need to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle with its original title. You must also provide permission from the Lien Holder if there is a lien on the title.
  • Proof Of Insurance. You will need to show proof of insurance.
  • Photo ID. Without a valid photo ID, you cannot ship your vehicle. A driver's license, passport, etc. All forms of ID are acceptable.

It's a different story if you are shipping your vehicle to another nation. Knowing what you need can simplify the shipping process. Here are the things you should bring:

  • Original title and registration
  • Documentation proving insurance
  • Photo ID valid
  • Bill of Sale
  • Sales Tax Proof;
  • Import duty
  • Original Power of Attorney

Shipping Your Car is Easier Than Driving It Yourself. Here are the Reasons

Your car is not safer if you drive it yourself. It is safer to have it transported by a professional. Car shipping professionals who are experienced have the knowledge and experience to drive in all conditions, including construction-laden roads. These are the factors that will affect the cost of shipping a vehicle:

  • Driving distance vehicle
  • Your vehicle's value
  • Type of trailer (open- or enclosed)
  • Name and model of your vehicle
  • Fuel costs at transport time

Shipping within your budget

You have a car you purchased that you need to ship across state lines or across the country. Move Car is the best shipping broker. They don't care about their bottom line. Instead, they are most concerned with your satisfaction (because it's truly a win-win situation). Call today to learn more about their door-to-door service, damage-free guarantee, and how they can ensure you are 100% satisfied with your car shipping experience.