Posted on 08/19/22

How A Car Shipping Broker Can Save Money Compared To Traditional Car Shippers

How A Car Shipping Broker Can Save Money Compared To Traditional Car Shippers

You have two options when looking for car shipping services: a broker or a carrier. A traditional carrier works with their own trucks and will pick up your car and deliver it to you. The broker is responsible for helping customers coordinate shipping services. Brokers are able to assist carriers with their customer service needs. Carriers don’t have the time or resources to handle this task themselves. Car shipping brokers can not only simplify the process of shipping your vehicle, but they can also save you money. If you are looking to cut costs, here are some reasons you should work with a broker.

There are many options

Carriers only deal with their personal truck fleet, as stated previously. They must schedule pick-up and delivery according to their schedule. You could wait a long time for shipping if they don't have any trucks in your area. They will also have to transport your vehicle. Brokers work with thousands of carriers so they can find a truck near you. This expedites the shipping process and saves money since the truck is already in your area.

Multiple Quotes

Brokers can quickly get multiple quotes from different carriers because they have access to so many carriers. You can compare prices and get the lowest quote because you have access to so many carriers. These initial quotes may be lower than actual prices, but keep in mind that they are not guaranteed. To get the best quote, be sure to give as much information as possible about your shipment and to ask the right questions.


It is possible that a carrier may experience mechanical issues or break down during transport. You will have to wait for a traditional carrier to send another truck. This could lead to delays and extra costs. Brokers can arrange for the pickup of your vehicle by another carrier in a short time, which results in faster delivery times and lower costs.