Posted on 07/07/22

Here What It Will Cost You To Ship A Car To And From Hawaii

Here What It Will Cost You To Ship A Car To And From Hawaii

The practicalities of shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland are different. Ground transport will be required in addition to shipping a car across the country. Here's the good news: Move Car is an auto transport management firm that will make scheduling your shipment quick and simple.

Shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland is easier than many people think. It is important to choose an auto transport company with a lot experience shipping cars from the mainland to Hawaii Islands. We have many years of experience in helping customers to move cars to Hawaii.

  • How much does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii?
  • How do you find the right company for your shipment?
  • How does shipping to Hawaii work?

What does it cost to send a car from Hawaii?

Shipping to Hawaii will affect the price of shipping. It will not only depend on the make, year, and model of your vehicle but also factors such as distance and entry ports. Use our online quote calculator to find out how much shipping a car to Hawaii will cost.

Here are some examples of the costs of shipping a vehicle to Hawaii or from Hawaii.

  • Ship a sedan from Boston to Kauai for $2,349
  • Ship a sedan from Kauai, Hawaii to Boston, MA at $2,369
  • A Honda Pilot is shipped on the same route for more than $2,500
  • Ship a sedan from Miami to Kauai for $2,099
  • Ship a sedan from Kauai, Hawaii to Miami, FL for $2,179
  • A Honda Pilot on the same route will cost more than $2,200
  • Ship a sedan from Columbus to OH to Kauai for $2,179
  • Ship a sedan from Kauai, HI to Columbus, OH at $2,199
  • A Honda Pilot traveling on the same route will cost more than $2,300
  • Ship a sedan from Santa Barbara CA to Kauai for $1,529
  • Ship a sedan from Kauai, CA to Santa Barbara, CA at $1,529
  • A Honda Pilot will be shipped on the same route for more than $1,575

It is important to note that you don't have to pay ground transportation if your ship from within 50 miles of Long Beach, CA.

Move Car strives to be transparent about the cost of shipping cars. We offer no-obligation quotes and free estimates. If you get a quote from another company for shipping to Hawaii and they try to pressure you or make you book, let them know that you are grateful but not obliged.

How shippers divide costs

We can't answer this question in a blog post because so many factors affect the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii, or the mainland. However, we can tell you how these costs are calculated.

The first is that your car's origin point has a significant impact on the total cost. A car shipped further away from a port is more expensive than one that is closer to it. Shipping a car from the East Coast to Hawaii will cost more, as the vehicle must be carried on a car carrier across the country. You'll be able to drive your car to the West Coast port and pay less.

The size of your vehicle is another factor that will affect your shipping cost. Standard sedans and smaller vehicles are more affordable to ship than larger trucks, SUVs, and vehicles with modifications such as lift and lowering kits. Because it is heavier and takes up more space, the Honda Pilot costs more to ship.

Then, you can choose your ground transport option. Ground transport by an open carrier is cheaper than shipping a car with an enclosed carrier. Open carriers can transport more cars, and there are many open carriers. We understand that some vehicles, such as antiques, luxury, classics, specialty, or high-end cars, may need extra protection in enclosed carriers.

Your choice of sea transport can also affect your quote. RORO shipping, also known as roll-on/roll-off shipping, is the most economical type of sea transport. Because vehicles can be loaded faster, boats can launch quicker, it is also the most economical type of sea transport. However, you can ship your vehicle in a cargo container to provide extra protection on its ocean journey.

How do you find the best auto transport management company?

Now that you know how shippers calculate the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii or the mainland, it is time to search for a company to ship your vehicle. It can be a lot more complicated than people think. You need to call several companies before you book a shipment. There are many shippers who will gladly take your money and not take too much of your time in return. The best auto transport management companies will simplify the shipping process and handle everything for you.

What You need to do in order to find the right company.

Compare and search for shippers

This Google search can be used, but you should scroll through the results to find out what they offer. While some shippers claim they can ship your car to Hawaii, others will only deliver it to the port. They won't take care of the shipping side of your shipment. Other companies will only deal with sea transport. You must coordinate ground transport. You should ensure that the instant online quotations you receive include all of your requirements. Move Car offers door-to-port, port-to-port, and door-to-door shipping services for Hawaii.

Look beyond your quote

Do not choose an auto transport company solely based on their rates. Although the lowest rate company may offer the best service, they might not say so in their marketing materials. People find that they have the best experience shipping cars from Hawaii to mid-priced shippers with great customer service and reliability.

Check out what each company has to offer

When you call to get a quote, let us know if you require or want anything other than transport on an open carrier or basic RORO shipping. Do you need to ship a fragile, antique car to Hawaii Do you prefer to work with an auto transport service that provides 24/7 customer support? Are you interested in receiving updates as your vehicle travels? Are you looking for door-to-door service? Being honest about your requirements will help you get the best quote and eliminate any shippers who don't offer what you need.

See auto transport reviews

Here's a list of reliable websites that review auto transport. You can read real customer reviews. Despite the fact that most websites will verify reviews and remove any suspicious reviews that are flagged as such, it is important to carefully read all reviews. To make sure you don't get taken in by unreliable shipping companies, we have created a guide on how to spot fake reviews about auto transport.

Ask about deposits

A company that transports autos should not charge you for shipping before assigning your vehicle to a spot in a truck or ship. Before signing anything, make sure to ask about deposits. Move on to the next shipper if a shipper says that deposits are non-refundable.

Check out licenses and insurance

Never book with an auto transportation management company that isn’t licensed, bonded, and insured. Cargo insurance is required when shipping a vehicle to Hawaii. A representative should be able to give you more details about the shipper's insurance and licenses if you don't find them on their website.

It can feel difficult to find the right auto transport company to ship your shipment from Hawaii from the mainland. But, if you search for companies with great reviews and a strong reputation in the industry, you will have no problem finding the right company.

Ship a Car from Hawaii or to Hawaii with Move Car

There's more to do after you have figured out the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii. This is a step-by-step guide for shipping with us.

Step 1: Request a quote and, if you are satisfied with the price, book transport. You can get an instant online quote and book transport right from the online calculator. Or, you can call us or chat with our Live Chat to make a booking.

Step 2: Prepare your vehicle for the journey. This means that you must drive it to the end of its fuel tank (safety reasons), wash the car thoroughly, and remove all personal items. It must have working brakes, properly inflated tires, no leaks, and sealed doors in order to ship a car from Hawaii.

Step 3: To ship a truck or car to Hawaii, you will need to hand in the keys. If you are shipping to Hawaii from the mainland, however, you will need to show proof of ownership and a copy of the title and current registration. You will need to either be present to ship if there is more than one owner on the vehicle's title or provide notarized written consent from the owner to ship. You will need to sign a letter authorizing shipment from the lien holder if your vehicle is leased, or otherwise financed. This letter must be written on company letterhead. It should be notarized and stamped with a date less than one-month-old.

Step 4: Deliver your vehicle to the port. It is very easy to ship your car from Hawaii. You can either pick it up at your home or have a representative come to you. They will only need your booking confirmation number as well as your vessel booking number.

Move Car, unlike many shippers, offers door-to-port service at a great rate for customers shipping cars to Hawaii. It also offers port-to–door service for those who are shipping cars to the mainland. If you're looking to save money, you can also opt for a port-to-port service. This allows you to drop off your car at any port you choose, and we will take care of everything else. Ask us about our options!

FAQs regarding shipping a car from Hawaii

What is the cost of shipping a car from Hawaii to Hawaii?

This question is not easy to answer, as we have already mentioned. You can find out the cost of your shipment by using our online calculator or by contacting us for a no-obligation quote.

What is the shipping time to Hawaii for a car?

The time it takes to ship your shipment will depend on where you are shipping to Hawaii, or to the mainland if you are transporting a vehicle to Hawaii. It takes two to three weeks to ship to the East Coast and Midwest. Shipping to or from West Coast cities will expedite your delivery.

Is my car exposed to the elements?

If your vehicle is in an open carrier, it will be exposed during its journey to the port. Ports do not offer coverage. Your vehicle will be outside the same way as it would be in your driveway. It will be protected from the elements as it travels to Hawaii by being under the deck of a ship during its trip.

How do I ship a car to Hawaii?

You won't need to show or provide any additional paperwork if you ship a car from the mainland to Hawaii.

You will need additional paperwork if you plan to ship a car from Hawaii. To ship your truck or car, you will need to have a copy of the current registration and title. You also need to present a photo ID and proof that you are the owner. If there is more than one owner on the vehicle title, you will need to present both owners with a photo ID and proof of ownership at shipping.

Last, if you have a vehicle that is financed, or on a lease, then you will need to submit a letter from the lienholder authorizing transportation to the mainland. This letter must be written on official letterhead.

How do I pick up my car in Hawaii?

You will only need the Matson booking number to pick up your car from the port in Hawaii. This will be given to you once you have booked your shipment with the port.

Many customers are amazed at how simple it is to schedule a shipment of cars to Hawaii, and then transport the vehicle. We handle all aspects of your order, from booking to delivery. We aim to make Hawaii car shipping easy so that you can relax knowing that your vehicle will arrive at its destination on time and safely.

Are you ready to ship your vehicle to Hawaii? Get a free shipping estimate today and read what customers have to say about Move Car Auto Transport.