Posted on 11/19/21

Here We Grow Again

Here We Grow Again

The past year has seen a business boom. Although the immediate reaction is to be gratified, managing growth and expansion can pose challenges if they are not managed properly. It is something that businesses will welcome with open arms. However, seasoned professionals understand that growth can be difficult.

Here's my view on how businesses can manage rapid growth.

A simple philosophical principle is what I believe in. Get ready to dive into the details.

You don't build businesses. "You build people, then you build the business." - Yaseen

This short statement by Mr. Yaseen captures the essence of running a successful company. Yaseen captured the essence of managing a successful business. Respect your employees and take care of them.

The success of a business can be directly attributed to the hard work and dedication of employees who care about it because they see themselves as part of it, not just working for it.

The Result is Simple Logic

You can take care of your employees and they will take good care of customers. Make sure you show your employees that you care. Do not get mad at them for the things they do wrong. Instead, educate them. Praise them for the good things they do... help build your people.

Although you may feel overwhelmed by all the new business, remember that positive customer service is key to any business' success.

This principle should be embraced and used to ensure that customer service does not suffer during growth. You may need to open your bank account to fund things such as technology upgrades, staff training, and hiring new employees. Make sure to keep your promises to customers, and give them a way to provide feedback to help you understand their perceptions of your efforts.

Make Your House Your Home

Your business' culture is key to keeping your employees happy (we have already talked about how people are key to building a company).

Owners often realize that they can't rely on the intimate atmosphere of a small start-up when businesses experience rapid growth. Clear communication is essential to maintain growth, ensure continuity of growth, and allow for the ability to digest the increased workload volume.

Owners often face the difficult transition of trusting their employees and managers to perform their jobs well and keep the business running smoothly. They don't have the time or the resources to manage every aspect of the business. To allow the business to grow, the owner must believe in his employees and trust that they will act in the company's best interests.

Although it may seem simple, when you have "raised" your baby from the beginning, it can be difficult for an owner not to hold on and watch them grow up.

We are experiencing such a boom here at Move Car. This started as a small business from home in 2010. It has since grown to be one of the most respected and largest auto transport companies in America.

 Move Car is a nationwide vehicle moving company that serves both individuals and businesses in all 50 states. We are excited about the opportunities presented by our rapid growth. However, we work hard to keep the same level and experience for our customers.