Posted on 07/29/22

Here Is Everything To Defeat Summer Highway Construction During Your Move

Here Is Everything To Defeat Summer Highway Construction During Your Move

The Department of Transportation predicts nearly 35 million Americans will move this year. Most families move during the summer when there is less risk of snow and ice. Highway construction is another obstacle that must be overcome in summer.

No matter where you live, there are bright orange horses and a warm breeze that brings out the beauty of the countryside. Stress! It can be difficult enough to deal with highway construction on your daily commute. But imagine having to do it while you move between different states. You may not even want to.

You might want to reconsider if you plan to move this summer and drive your car to your new residence on your own.

Why choose car shipping?

No matter how organized and prepared you are, moving can be a stressful experience. Either you are driving your belongings in a truck on your own or hiring one. You don't want to worry about how your car will get to your new place. Move Car is a reliable car shipping company that can ship your car to your new home.

Are you still not convinced?

Summer Highway Construction

After packing up your whole house, does this sound like something you would want to do? You'll also need to unpack when you arrive at your new place. There are only three things that can ruin a summer: lane closures and reduced speeds, plus a lot of traffic. This is what all states experience when summer highway construction kicks in.

Accidents can slow down traffic for miles but they are much less common than road construction. Nearly all states are doing some kind of construction this summer. This can lead to a lot more headaches if you're traveling through multiple states. It may be better to ship your car with a car shipping service so that you can enjoy the flight and not worry about it.

Moving Cars Expedited

It doesn't matter if you have a tight travel schedule. Move Car can expedite your shipment so your car arrives when you need it. We have been moving cars since 2010. We know how to get things started so your car can be picked up and delivered when it is needed. You should also remember that truck drivers are affected by highway construction. Plan ahead if your car needs to be picked up or dropped off at a particular time.

Do not try to manage the stress and headaches caused by driving your car across the country. Instead, let an auto transport company handle the transportation.