Posted on 08/31/22

Here Are The Top Car Shows In America And How To Get Your Car There

Here Are The Top Car Shows In America And How To Get Your Car There

Each year, thousands of people travel from all walks of the country to attend the biggest car shows in the country. There's nothing more exciting for classic and vintage car enthusiasts than being around amazing automobiles and fellow car gurus who share the same passion for steel, rubber and other metals. These shows offer the perfect opportunity for vintage cars to be displayed and admired. These are the top classic car shows across the country. We also have helpful tips on how to get your vehicle there.

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

The signature event at the Pebble Beach, California, automotive week show is the Concourse. It takes place on the third Sunday in August. Every year, hundreds upon hundreds of collector cars or motorcycles are displayed at the Pebble Beach Golf Links. The world-famous car show attracts a diverse crowd dressed in sunhats and driving gloves. This is an iconic event for classic car lovers and should not be missed.

Iola Classic Car Show

Every summer, the Ioala Classic Car Show is held in Wisconsin. It is a must-see for all vintage car enthusiasts. It offers 4,200 swap spots, 2,500 show cars, and more than 1,000 cars for sale. This is the ideal place to meet other car enthusiasts. It is the largest and most popular combination car swap/show in the country.

The Elegance of Hershey

Hershey, Pennsylvania is best known for its chocolate. But it also hosts one of the most prestigious vintage car events in America. The Elegance, a high-end car event featuring collector cars and mid-century race cars from around the globe, is known as The Elegance. The Elegance is a popular annual event that draws crowds year after year.

Charlotte AutoFair

The Charlotte AutoFair billed as the largest automobile extravaganza in the world is held every April and September at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, North Carolina. The judging of cars older than 25 years is one of the highlights of the event. The annual event attracts approximately 150,000 people to both the spring and fall shows. It also features a flea market that sells restoration parts and supplies.

The Woodward Dream Cruise

Detroit is the perfect place to see a car show. This one-day event is held every third Saturday of August and attracts a staggering 1.5million people each year. It is one of the most popular car shows in America, featuring more than 40,000 classic cars.

How to get your classic car to a show

It's great to go to these amazing shows and see the cars, but it can be even more fun if your car is part of the attraction! You should consider the most reliable and safest way to transport your classic car to a show. It is not recommended to drive your classic car as it can cause excessive wear and mileage. You could lose some value and cause damage to your car. It is safer to ship your classic car. Here are some tips to help you ship your classic car.

Search for the Right Transport Company

It is important to ensure that you only choose an experienced auto transport company when shipping classic cars. You need to take certain precautions to protect your vehicle. Make sure the company you choose is able to reduce any chance of it being damaged. Before you hire an auto transport company, do your research thoroughly and read reviews.

Select Enclosed Shipping

You have two options when shipping a vehicle: open or enclosed. Because it provides the best protection for your vintage or classic car, enclosed transport is the best choice.

Check your Insurance

Standard car insurance does not offer the same level of protection as traditional car insurance. The insurance provided by the transport company usually only covers negligence. You want to make sure your vehicle is properly covered in case of an accident.

The safest way to transport your vintage or classic vehicle is by auto transport. You can safely transport your car to a car show without adding unnecessary miles or wear to your car. You can safely transport your vehicle to any national car show with the right preparation.