Posted on 11/29/22

Here Are The Tips To Make Your Car Pet Friendly

Here Are The Tips To Make Your Car Pet Friendly

Rover is the most exciting thing about a pet's life. There are rules and tips to make riding with your pet in a car easier and more fun, regardless of whether they are a cat, dog, or sugar-glider.


Do not allow your pet to roam around the cabin. Some hazards include:

  • You can eat small bits of food, toys, or trash.
  • Pets are curious creatures. If your pet is allowed to roam under the car seats, it could become trapped or even disassemble important features such as alarms. Even worse, a smaller pet could get stuck under the brake pedal.
  • Rover may find it cute to let his slobbery tongue flutter in the wind while he peeks out of the window. Animals that jump or weave through cars' windows can cause accidents.
  • An animal can become a projectile in an accident. If your pet flies through the windshield or runs into you, he could endanger his life.
  • Never place an animal in the back of a truck. Tossing an animal around in a truck is a dangerous situation. Animals jumping from moving vehicles are a leading cause of death for many people and animals.

Safety First

Your pet's best spot is in the backseat. You can either use a travel carrier or secure it with a harness. Many models can be fitted to your car's belt. You can ask your pet which one they prefer: a carrier or a restraint.

It doesn't matter if you're going on a short trip or a long distance, it's safer to have everyone properly secured in a moving vehicle even your furry friend. You are shipping your vehicle across state lines or across the country. For a free quote or to simply talk to a professional shipping agent, contact Move Car today. Ask about our damage-free guarantee and browse our scores of 5-star reviews.