Posted on 06/02/22

Here Are The Six Questions You Should Ask Your Classic Car Shipper

Here Are The Six Questions You Should Ask Your Classic Car Shipper

Many car enthusiasts find it a joy to build a collection of classic cars, or just keep one in the garage for Sunday drives. Finding the right classic car can be difficult. classic vehicle shipping is the best way to get your car to its new location.

Trusting an auto transport company to transport your car is a huge decision. It is important to do your research and make sure your classic car arrives safely at its destination. Here are some questions you should ask your auto shipper before booking their service.

Top Questions to Ask Your Car Shipper

  1. What type of car will my classic car travel in? An enclosed car is best for protecting your car from the elements and providing climate control options. There are many options for car shipping carriers, but you should ask your classic car shipper if an enclosed carrier is available.
  2. Is insurance included with classic car auto shipping? It is important to have insurance if you are shipping a classic car. You need to ensure that your insurance covers you for any untoward events.
  3. What are the hidden fees and storage fees? It is important to know straightforward car shipping costs in order to budget for your classic car transportation. Hidden fees, balloon payments, or storage fees are often hidden in the fine print and added on after you've made your decision.
  4. Do you offer any guarantees to your classic car shipper? It is a sign that they are committed to their work. You can be assured of your car's safety and security by choosing a car shipper that offers a no-damage guarantee.
  5. How experienced are the drivers the classic car shipper uses? Experience shipping vintage cars is important. While there are many fly-by-night and startup options that might offer low shipping costs, it is important to select a company with extensive experience when shipping classic cars. Ask your auto shipper about the number of classic cars they have shipped, and what screening process they use to make sure their drivers are competent.
  6. Can a classic car shipper transport an inoperable vehicle? This may require special equipment and additional time to load your inoperable vintage car. It is possible, although it is not common. Before you book your classic auto shipper, make sure to ask this important question.

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