Posted on 09/19/22

Here Are Some Tips To Protect Your Vehicles When Shipping Them Across Country

Here Are Some Tips To Protect Your Vehicles When Shipping Them Across Country

It's one of your most precious possessions, so you may be worried about its safety while shipping across the country. You want your car to be well-protected and properly insured before you give it to an auto shipping company. Although it is unlikely your vehicle will be damaged in transit, accidents can happen. You need to take the necessary precautions to ensure it stays that way.

Get Proper Insurance

You want to make sure your vehicle is properly insured in the unlikely event of it being damaged during transport. Many reputable auto shipping companies offer some type of insurance coverage. You should read the policy carefully and be familiar with what coverage is offered. To verify that your vehicle is covered for auto shipping, you should also speak to your insurance company. You can update your policy, or buy additional coverage if necessary.

Take All Personal Items out of the Vehicle

It may seem tempting to pack your car with boxes when you move across the country. However, it is better not to leave personal items in your vehicle. One, the majority of auto transport insurance policies do not cover contents within the vehicle. Personal belongings can be removed to reduce the chance of theft in transit.

Inspect your Vehicle Before Shipment

Before you hand your vehicle over to the shipping company, there are several things that you need to do to protect it. Check the vehicle for leaks and make sure the tires are inflated properly. Also, inspect the exterior and interior of your vehicle. You should also take photos of the vehicle, taking them at different times. Note any dents, scratches or dings. Also, make sure that the gas tank is only 1/3 full before you drop your vehicle off.

Select Enclosed Transportation

An enclosed carrier is best if you're shipping an antique, luxury, or new vehicle. If you want to make sure your vehicle is protected, this is a great option. Even though it may be more expensive, enclosed transport will protect your vehicle from any flying debris and other elements.