Posted on 09/14/22

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Avoid Breaking The Law When Shipping Vehicles

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Avoid Breaking The Law When Shipping Vehicles

It is important to remember that auto shipping companies must adhere to certain regulations if you need to ship your vehicle. It is in your best interests to find out more about transportation rules and regulations as they can have an impact on your auto shipping experience. To avoid confusion and ensure a smooth and efficient shipping experience, you should review the federal guidelines and guidelines all auto shipping companies must follow as well as tips and tricks for proper shipment.

Tip #1 - Never pack personal belongings in your vehicle

Federal law states that drivers can only carry a limited amount of cargo. The number of axles on the transport vessel determines the weight restriction. Axle weight regulations are part of almost every road in the country. The carrier will need to stop at multiple weigh stations along the route. Your vehicle's weight is determined by its make and model. However, you should avoid adding weight. Personal items should not be packed in your vehicle during shipping. Although it may seem like a convenient way to fill your trunk with personal items, this could lead to your vehicle exceeding the weight limit and could even result in fines.

Tip #2 - Never leave prohibited items in your vehicle

You can keep a few items in your vehicle, such as a tire-changing kit. However, it is best to remove all personal items before shipping. Auto shipment is strictly forbidden for certain items, including alcohol, drugs, or medications of any kind, firearms, ammunition, and flammable objects.

Tip #3 - Consider the Height of Your Vehicle

The height of your vehicle is another factor that should be considered when considering rules and regulations. Standard carriers must be 7' tall or less. A special type of carrier is required to transport vehicles that are more than 7 feet high. Standard carriers will not allow trucks that have a lift or RVs. You should let the shipping company know in advance if you are not sure about the vehicle's height. You could face fines or delays if you fail to inform the shipping company.

Tip #4 - Be flexible with the delivery date and time

Shipping companies may try to seduce you by promising a specific date and time for delivery. It is not possible to guarantee delivery time for many reasons, so be cautious when making such claims. Unforeseen delays can be caused by weather conditions and road conditions. Federal law requires drivers to drive no more than a set number of hours per day. This could cause delays. These regulations should be considered and allow for some variances in your delivery schedule.