Posted on 07/21/22

Here Are Some Tips For Snowbirds To Welcome You Home

Here Are Some Tips For Snowbirds To Welcome You Home

It is difficult to return from vacation, especially for seniors who have spent the winter months in different climates. It's not just a return from vacation, it's also a new state of mind. These are some tips to help Snowbirds settle down as they return home for Spring.

Wash Away

You can wash your vacation clothes when you return home. After your summer-wear has stopped spinning, turn on the thermostat and put on a sweater. Then, take stock.

Winter is Here!

The best thing about going south for the season, according to snowbirds, is not worrying about the ice or snow. However, without an early heatwave, it's likely that you'll experience some flakes or a little frost before spring arrives. Get to know the weatherman. Dress according to the weather. Melting ice and snow can quickly freeze and create dangerous conditions for pedestrians and drivers. These tips will help you stay safe when you're hit by a late-Spring snowstorm or polar vortex.

Take it easy

It's great to be able to visit family and friends, see your favorite places, and give back to your clubs and causes. There is no place like home. However, it's important to allow your body and mind to adjust upon your return. Relax for a few days before you return to work or volunteer.

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Revert to Normal

Snowbird schedules are very different from home. You can avoid feeling overwhelmed or lost by getting in control of your life and creating a plan to get back on track. Writing a list and prioritizing tasks will make you feel more in control.

Make a meal plan

Although it is tempting to order takeout from a cold stove or empty fridge, it's better to start the right path immediately. Before you go to the grocery store, make a meal plan. You may snack more in colder weather or when you are less active. You will be able to eat healthy and still eat on your schedule.

Safety First

You should check or replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Spring is the best time to check batteries in medical alerts and flashlights, radios, clocks, and remote controls, as well as radios and clocks. After restarting electronics, you can feel the warmth of all outlets and plugs for a few hours. An electrician should inspect any heat emitted from them.

Home Sweet and Clean

Dust can build up wherever you are, at home or abroad. It is important to wipe all surfaces clean. Vacuum vents before turning on heat or fans to remove any accumulated dust and debris. This will help prevent your skin from becoming irritated and could cause sinus problems. To clear stagnant pipes, run faucets and clean out all tubs and sinks. Run your dishwasher empty with half a cup bleach. Salt, ice cubes, and a chopped lemon can be used to deodorize the garbage disposal. Use baking soda and a moist sponge to clean the plastic edges and seals.

Keep Moving

It's easier to be active in warmer weather than winter. Even if it is still cold outside, don't let that stop you from moving forward. Get warm and take a walk or go indoors to get some exercise. It's a great time to have your routine physical after a vacation or to address any "little" problems.

Take in the sun

Sunshine is the main reason Snowbirds migrate South. You can still enjoy the sun at home by soaking up a few rays each day, even if it is cold outside. Keep hydrated and use sunscreen as the temperatures rise.

Everything depends on it

It doesn't matter if your car spent winters in the South, or was parked at home, spring is the time to give it some TLC. Your vehicle's health can be affected by sitting in the garage, cursing on the boardwalk, or even driving to work. Rust can be caused by salt from the seashore or highway. Good car washing is the first step in getting your car ready to go for spring. Next, you need to adjust your pressure. The temperature affects the tire pressure so be sure to compare your inflation level with the recommended levels for your vehicle (listed on a label on your door).

Every three to four months, you should perform basic car maintenance. Spring is the best time to replace or clean wiper blades, have your fluid levels checked, align your tires, and check for cracks in hoses and belts.

Hidden Treasure

Clean under your seats. It's likely that you will find the culprit behind that weird smell or a lost earring. Even the most meticulous vehicle can collect sand and green under the floor mats.

This simple trick will make a trash can from a Tupperware. If you spill often, this trick is the cup holder sponge coaster. For the perfect spring shine, pull out your floor mats and vacuum the interior.

Snowbirds, welcome back! If you and your car are in the South, ship your car back instead of taking the risk of driving. Move Car can deliver your car, or keep you informed about news and advice that will enhance your life at home or abroad.