Posted on 03/23/22

Here Are Some Tips For Scheduling Your Car Shipment

Here Are Some Tips For Scheduling Your Car Shipment

Are you looking for some advice on how to schedule your car shipment?

Scheduling your car shipment can seem overwhelming, especially if you are a novice. We have compiled some tips from people who have been there. The advice you find here can help you plan your car's shipment.

This guide will help you to get started in car shipping with confidence.

Ready? Let's roll.

These are our top tips for scheduling your car shipment

You might have been thinking about shipping your car for a while. Perhaps you've already researched several auto transport agencies that may be the right fit for you.

You're already taking the plunge in the auto shipping industry.

This is the hard part. This is the moment when you will need to rely on someone else to move your vehicle to the next destination. You can use the following advice to make the process of scheduling a ship seamless.

Plan your Car Shipping: The More, the Better

Planning is key to scheduling your car shipment. It's best to set your travel dates before you even book your shipment. You can then determine the best time frame for your car's relocation. Otherwise, auto transport companies may not be able to pick up and drop off your vehicle on the dates you prefer.

These reasons could be due to changing shipping needs or travel times.

The seasons also affect car shipping. There are some seasons that are busier than others and others with shorter shipping times. You can save significant money on shipping costs if you plan ahead and choose to move your car in a flexible timeframe.

Also, consider your budget and any other needs.

You might choose enclosed shipping with additional safety features if you are shipping a luxury vintage car. If you're looking to move your standard vehicle, open-air shipping is an option. This will save you some money.

You should usually book your shipment at least one month before the date on which you want your car picked up.

Tip: Whether you are moving or going on a long trip, it is always better to coordinate your car shipment and your move. You can get your car delivered quickly to the next destination by doing this.

Learn about the shipping options available

Different auto transport companies offer different car shipping options. Ask your auto transport company about their shipping options before you book your car shipping. Next, gather as much information and facts as possible to help you make a decision.

The shipping options most often offered by auto transport companies are:

  • Shipping to the Economy
  • Priority shipping
  • Guaranteed Shipping

Other options for car shipping include open and enclosed trailer transportation.

You can also choose the shipping option that best suits your vehicle.

The Pickup Window vs. First Available Date

The pickup window refers to the time frame in which the auto transport company will pick up your vehicle. To reserve your car's shipment with an auto transport company, you will need to specify a pickup date. This is your first date.

Here arises a question. Is your car going to be picked up exactly on the day you requested?

It's not true. Although auto transport service providers will do everything possible to meet your priority, it's not always possible. The auto transport shipping company must determine the availability of drivers.

These are the general pickup times for the various shipping options.

  1. Economy Shipping: The average time it takes to pick up a car is 14 days. However, the route will determine the delivery time.
  2. Priority shipping: The auto transport companies take approximately 1-3 days to pick up the vehicle and six days to deliver it.
  3. Guaranteed Shipping: If your car relocation deadline is not padded, guaranteed shipping is the best choice. Instead of giving you a pick-up window, guaranteed shipping gives you a precise date in a matter of days. It's a cheaper, but faster way to ship your vehicle.

How to find the exact pick-up date and why it is so difficult

They will ask for your phone number and email address when you book your auto transport appointment. These credentials are required for a reason.

The auto shipping company will assign your vehicle to a trailer and send you an email confirming your pickup date.

These emails include the number of the trucker. A typical drop-off time for your trucker is between 12-24 hours prior to the pickup time.

Here's the problem: Truck drivers constantly pick up and drop off vehicles. Their situation is therefore unpredictable. Unexpected events can cause them to be out of their plans.

Get a guaranteed pick-up date

A guaranteed pickup date can also be obtained.

For a guaranteed pick-up date, you will need to pay more. Talk to your auto transport company, later on, to arrange for other arrangements. The carrier will place your vehicle's shipment at the top of the priority list if you agree to pay the premium price.

Flexibility is key to your timeframe

Try to be flexible with your delivery date when scheduling your car. The following factors will affect the length of your car shipping:

  • Distance
  • Traffic Volumes
  • Prevailing Weather Conditions

You must be flexible about your timeline, as your transporter won't be transporting one car at a given time. You can avoid the waiting chaos by being flexible with your timeline.

These are the shipping times for distance.

  • 500 miles in 1-3 Days
  • 500-1000 Miles: 2-4 Days
  • 1000-1500 Miles: 3-5 Days
  • 1500-2500 miles in 4-7 days
  • 2500+ miles: 6-14 Days

It is also important to consider the location

Location is an important factor in determining the cost of shipping your car.

It takes less time to ship your car to an urban location than it does to send your car from remote locations. This is obvious. Trucks transporting goods through cities are more frequent. Drivers in remote areas, however, may need to travel further to get their trucks through.

Collect all the documentation you need

Now that you have a good understanding of how to schedule your car and are ready to choose a shipping company for it, you will need all the necessary documents. Keep them safe.

You will need to provide your photo ID, booking confirmation, and proof of your car’s insurance.

Auto-shipping companies offer insurance coverage during transit. You can contact your insurance company to find out if your policy covers shipping difficulties. While some car insurance companies will cover damages caused by shipping your vehicle, others won't.

Talking with your representative at your car insurance company will help you understand what to do if your car is damaged or stolen.

It is also important to ask your auto transport company if they offer any coverage for car damage.

You want your vehicle to be safe and protected while you are on the move. Right?

Prep Your Car for Shipment

Before you give your car over to car shipping companies, it will be necessary to prepare the vehicle. Preparing your car for shipment can save you money and avoid any delays.

You might be required to pay an additional fee if your vehicle is not in an operable state.

  • Wash it first and take note of any dents or damages. To see if there are any damage to the vehicle, you can take photos or videos of it.
  • Items inside the vehicle are not covered by insurance. It is better to get rid of all valuables in your car.
  • To avoid additional charges, disable your car alarm and take out trackers and toll beepers.
  • Make sure your car has enough gas to drive it on the road or to the station. Also, make sure your battery is fully charged.
  • Check the fluid levels in your car.

Now you are ready to give your car to the auto transportation company.

Tip: If you aren't there to pick up your car at the destination, arrange for someone else to inspect it. You must sign a permit for the representative who will receive your vehicle. To receive your vehicle, the receiver must be at least eighteen years of age and possess valid identification.


It is crucial that you decide when you want your car moved. The rest of the process will be easy once you've done that. You can call the representative of an auto transport company if you have urgent needs.

These tips should be enough to help you schedule your car smoothly.

Transporting your car takes effort and time. To ensure a stress-free experience with car shipping, you need to be patient, prepared, and communicative.