Posted on 09/20/22

Here Are Some Things You Should Know About Storage During Auto Shipping

Here Are Some Things You Should Know About Storage During Auto Shipping

Auto-shipping is a popular question. Many people use this service to ship their personal belongings. Although it may sound safe, there are many risks associated with transporting personal items in a vehicle. Let's look at the potential risks of storing personal items in your vehicle while it is being shipped.

Risk of Theft

Car shipping companies don't drive straight from Point A to Point B. They stop frequently along the route for fuel, food, rest, and restroom breaks. Criminals might try to steal cars if they find personal items in them. It's possible for theft to occur, even though it is not something you expect. Car owners can help avoid this problem by not keeping personal items in their cars. Many auto shipping companies don't allow personal items to be stored because they can't be held responsible for any items lost or damaged during transportation.

Weight Limits

It's not only illegal to store personal items during auto shipping, thieves are also a reason. The weight limits for car shipping companies are strict. If multiple cars are loaded with hundreds of pounds worth of items, the truck may become overweight. Truck drivers can be fined if they exceed the weight limit.

Damage to Your Car & Belongings

Your car may be strapped to the truck but there will still be some movement. The vehicle will vibrate and shift, which can cause items inside to be jostled about. These items could break or cause damage to your vehicle's interior. Your car is covered during transport. However, personal items inside your vehicle are not.

Contact the Shipping Company

Ask your auto shipping company about the possibility of having items stored in your car. Some companies will let you store certain items, provided they are under a certain weight. However, the shipping company is not responsible for any items that are lost or damaged. A driveway transport service may be an option. A driveway service is different from traditional car shipping. It has a driver who drives your vehicle from one place to the next. Driveway service drivers often allow you to keep personal items in your vehicle while it is being transported.