Posted on 10/12/22

Here Are Some Things To Expect When Picking Up Your Car

Here Are Some Things To Expect When Picking Up Your Car

Auto-shipping is becoming more popular for many reasons. This is a hassle-free and safe way to ship your car long distance. If you've never shipped a vehicle before, it is possible to be unsure of what to expect at pick-up and delivery. Picking up your car should not be difficult if you work with a reliable car shipping company. These are some things that you should expect when your vehicle arrives at your home on delivery day.

Set up a pick-up time

Your auto carrier should call you with an estimated delivery date before delivery. You will then be able to schedule a pickup time for your vehicle. The auto carrier will verify your pickup location. Some auto carriers will deliver your vehicle to your home, while others will deliver it to a specific location. These terms will be agreed upon at the beginning.

Check Your Vehicle

It is important that you inspect your vehicle upon arrival at your destination. In the unlikely event of damage to your vehicle, it is helpful to keep a record. You may not feel comfortable inspecting the vehicle yourself. A trusted representative can also inspect it for you. To check for mechanical problems, turn on the engine and check the odometer.

Complete and sign the payment

After you've completed your vehicle inspection, you will need to sign a Bill of Lading in order to close the transaction. You must indicate any damage to your vehicle on the Bill of Lading. You must note any damage immediately, as it is your only chance to inspect the vehicle and report any problems. Delivery of the service is also required.

The pickup process for most customers is simple and quick. The pickup process should be quick and easy. Once the vehicle is delivered, a representative will be there to help you.