Posted on 08/22/22

Here Are Some Steps To Ensure A Smooth Car Shipping Experience

Here Are Some Steps To Ensure A Smooth Car Shipping Experience

You may be a new customer of auto transport and are curious about the process. You might also be interested in finding out how to choose the right shipping company. The process can seem confusing to those who are not experts in the field. We have created a guide that will help you navigate the entire process, from getting quotes to packing your car for shipping.

Step 1: Choose the type of service you need

It is helpful to have some basic information before you start researching shipping companies or getting quotes. You should be prepared to give the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Next, you need to know where your shipment is going. Also, you will need to decide if you want door-to-door delivery and if you prefer to pick your vehicle up from a terminal. You should also consider whether you prefer enclosed or open transport. There are many options for shipping your car. Knowing what you need will help you get the best quote.

Step 2: Research Auto Transport Companies

Research is an important step in car shipping. You are responsible for protecting your car as a valuable asset. Start by doing an internet search. These are the things you should look for when looking for a car shipping business:
Industry knowledge Look for a company that has many years of experience in car shipping.

Registration, Licensing and Accreditation: Only work with companies that have the appropriate licensing, registration, insurance and accreditation ratings. To be legally operating, auto transport companies must have certain licenses or certifications. It is also a good idea to search for companies with high ratings at the Better Business Bureau.

Get a Free Quote: Any reputable car shipping company should offer a free estimate. Ask if the quote includes any additional fees.

Read reviews. Online reviews are available. You can also request reviews from friends and family members who have sent a car. The Better Business Bureau also has reviews.

Outstanding customer service: From the first person you meet to the driver who delivers the vehicle, you can expect professionalism and politeness. They should be able to answer all your questions and provide exceptional service.

Step 3: Compare Quotes & Select a Company

Limit your search to just two or three auto transport companies. Compare prices and services to determine which company is best for you. Do not choose a company solely based on its price. This could indicate that a company is offering a significantly lower price than the others. Choose a company that meets all the criteria.

Step 4: Prepare Your Vehicle

To prepare your vehicle for shipping, there are steps that you need to follow:

Wash your car

Take photos of the exterior of your vehicle and note any dents or scratches.

Make sure your car has no more than 1/4 tank gas.

Ensure that your battery is charged and your tires properly inflated

Remove any exterior accessories, such as luggage racks, bike racks, or spoilers.

Remove all personal items from the vehicle

Step 5: Confirm Pickup & Delivery Details

Call your driver one day prior to your pickup date and confirm the time and exact location. Be sure to have all necessary paperwork and to sign the Bill of Lading when you pick up your vehicle. These same steps should be followed when you are ready to pick up your vehicle.