Posted on 08/18/22

Here Are Some Quick Tips To Help You Find A Compatible Car Shipping Partner

Here Are Some Quick Tips To Help You Find A Compatible Car Shipping Partner

We can all agree that reliability, quality, and trust are key qualities for a successful partnership, no matter if it is love or car shipping.

We will be sharing the values of each of these qualities in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Look for promptness and reliability

We'll begin with reliability. Attention to detail is crucial. If you have a date and a time, make sure you show up on time and at the correct place. No-shows, no matter what the situation is, is not acceptable. With a strong track record of vehicle pickup and delivery on time, we strive to make car shipping easy and reliable for all our customers.

Ask this customer. He admits that he should have chosen us first. We agree! ):

"After two failed attempts to ship my car by companies offering lower prices, I decided to go with Move Car. It was a wonderful experience. My car was picked up and delivered on time. It arrived in perfect condition. They should have been selected the first time ."

Do not be cheap

You get what you pay, whether you're purchasing gifts for your loved ones or choosing an auto transporter. To get better quality, we recommend that you spend a little more. Spending a little more often can lead to better results (we'll leave that at that).

This customer is a great example of how a lower shipping cost could lead to serious problems.

"I tried to save $150 and went with the lowest quote, but it almost led to a problem. Tomorrow ." I would use Move Car once again.    

Search for trust

Not everyone is trustworthy, regardless of whether they are involved in auto transport or dating. Know your auto transporter. You can find many examples of car shippers being unfavorable about shipping costs and pickup and delivery times by looking on Yelp and the BB. You can shop around for a quote if you want to. Before you use a transporter, make sure they are trustworthy. This is what this customer did when he found our company.

"I called around 10 shipping companies before I found these guys.
This was the only one that didn’t seem suspicious.
They will be used if I ever have to ship another vehicle."

Is this it? There's still one.

Contact someone to answer their calls

Good relationships require good communication. The same applies to car shipping. Many transporters don't make it easy for customers to reach them with questions and concerns. Customers are often given the runaround or treated rudely by customer service agents. This customer said that we provide "superb communication".

"I had an unqualifiedly positive experience with Move Car. Move Car ship my daughter's car from Connecticut to Chicago. Move Car managed to deliver the car in a very short time frame. Pick-up and paperwork were simple and quick. The car was delivered without any issues. Both the driver and carrier were excellent. The communication was excellent throughout. From placing the order until delivery, it took less than 48 hours. Everyone was polite, courteous, and helpful. A friend recommended Move Car to me after having had a great experience with the company. Similar to my experience, Move Car was a great choice.

Look for a partner who is available 24/7, no matter what your needs are, whether you need them to help with love or shipping cars. We're available 7 days a week, but we don't work 24/7 - you get it!

Are you ready to make a move? Move Car is the "dime" in car shipping

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to shipping your vehicle. Get a free quote for your car shipping needs and then have a great experience with our agents.