Posted on 11/07/22

Here Are Five Tips To Prepare Your Car For Shipping

Here Are Five Tips To Prepare Your Car For Shipping

There are many reasons you might need to ship your vehicle. This is becoming more popular due to the increasing popularity of online car shopping. It is safe to ship your vehicle anywhere in the United States or internationally. However, it is crucial to ensure that the vehicle is properly prepared for travel. There is no way to stop the car from being damaged in transit so it is important to take all precautions before shipping. These are some important tips to help you prepare your vehicle for shipping.

Wash Your Car

Washing your car on the day of shipping is a good idea. If possible, wash it the night before. If you purchase a car from someone else you must ask that they wash it thoroughly before shipping. It makes it easier to inspect the car. A clean vehicle is easier to spot scratches, dents, and dings. In case of disputes, you might consider taking photos with a time-stamped digital camera of minor damage. You should inspect the vehicle for any new scratches and dents once it arrives.

Check for Leaks

You should inspect your undercarriage for any leaks for at least a week before shipping your car. It is crucial to repair any leaks as soon as you notice them. You could be held responsible by auto shippers for damage caused to other cars by the leak.

Check the Battery and Tires

Under- or overinflated tires are just as dangerous during transport as when they are on the road. You are increasing the chance of damaging your tire if you don't inflate them properly. You should also check the battery condition when checking your tire pressure. You should make sure your battery is fully charged and securely fastened in its bracket. You should immediately replace your battery if it is damaged or not working properly.

Do not fill it with gas

To avoid adding unnecessary weight to the auto shipper, your gas tank should be only 1/4 full. The car will be transported, not driven, so there is no need for a full gas tank.

Disable Antitheft Devices and Take Personal Belongings

While this might seem obvious, the auto shipper won't enjoy driving long distances with an alarm on. Anti-theft devices are not only annoying but can also prevent your driver from getting into your car. It is best to remove all personal belongings before shipping so that the driver does not have access to your car.