Posted on 07/07/22

Here Are 7 Tips To Help You Ship Your Car To Another State

Here Are 7 Tips To Help You Ship Your Car To Another State

It is much easier than you might think to ship your car from one state to the next. It all boils down to who you choose to transport your car across state lines and how you prepare it for the journey. You and your car will be able to move from one state to the next as long as you are familiar with these top 7 tips for shipping a car to another.

Experience: go with the best company

This is your car, your most valuable (and costly) possession. While you may be tempted by the lowest quote on the internet, it is best to avoid the cheaper independent auto transporters. The lower-rung shippers often lacking in many departments, including customer service and insurance. Trust your car to a professional and experienced shipper. It will be a wise decision. Move Car is a good example of the reputable auto transport company. Look for companies with excellent customer reviews or many years of experience.

A company with extensive experience in shipping cars and automatic transportation insurance that does not exceed $100.000 will ensure that your vehicle is fully protected as it moves from one state to the next. This applies whether your car is being shipped to Hawaii or to any other state.

Reputation: do your research

This tip was mentioned earlier but it is important to mention that it's a good idea for companies with established reputations and a lot of 5- and 4-star reviews. It's great to live in an age where everyone can share their opinions on products, services, and companies. These reviews are important! These reviews can reveal a lot about the company's reputation.

Be on the lookout for complaints about "late deliveries", hidden charges, and poor customer service. These are signs that you should not be dealing with this company when transporting your vehicle.

Asking around at work and on social media is another great way to ensure you are working with the right company. You could write something like "I'm interested in shipping a car from one state to the other." Is there anyone who knows of any car shippers? Your final decision will be greatly influenced by the comments and suggestions of your friends and followers.

Guidance : Don't be afraid of asking questions

Asking the right questions is key to understanding how to ship your car to another country. Make sure to ask all questions before you make a booking with a shipping company. Move Car is one of the auto transport companies that offer LiveChat so you can quickly and easily ask your questions. You might want to ask:

  • How many days until my quote expires?
  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?
  • What is your refund policy?
  • Do you include insurance in your pricing?
  • What's your cancellation policy?

You should ensure that the company is experienced in shipping cars to Hawaii and other islands. Also, ask about rules and regulations for shipping cars on open water. You treat your vehicle as a family member and want to ensure that the auto transport company you choose is able to protect and keep your car safe. Check out our FAQ section to see examples of the questions you might ask an auto transport company.

Book your shipment in advance: book your shipment as soon as possible

It is a good idea not to wait until you need your shipment. This will ensure that you get the best possible price and give you plenty of time to plan your move. Remember that shipping a car is not only dependent on the vehicle's size and weight, but also on the cost of the shipment.

For a better estimate of the cost of your shipment, search for auto transport companies with an instant pricing feature like Move Car's Instant Quote Calculator.

Prepare your vehicle: leave your gas tank about 1/4 full

It is recommended that your gas tank be no more than 1/4 full before you ship your car. This is to avoid any possible combustion during transit. This applies whether you are shipping a car to Hawaii by boat, or to the mainland state on a truck. You must never fill your gas tank more than 1/4 of the full.

Be careful: Get everything out of your car

This tip is a must-have for anyone who has ever wondered how to ship your car to another state. It is essential that everything in your car's interior is removed if you plan to ship it to Hawaii or anywhere else on the open seas. Any personal items that are left behind will be checked by customs before being loaded onto the boat.

There are no rules regarding what you can and cannot leave behind when shipping to the mainland. It is best to get rid of everything except for the essential driver's items. This will allow you to ship your car more easily and reduce your shipping costs. You can also prepare your vehicle for safety inspection once you have registered it in your new state.

Value quality over price: don't base your final decision

The cheapest option is often not the best. There are many auto shipping companies available, each with its own rules and protocols. While it may seem good to choose the cheapest company in town, think about "why" they are not as costly as the others.

They may not be insured, and don't include coverage on their final quote. They may not have invested in the safety equipment required by older companies. It doesn't take long to realize that choosing a well-respected auto-transport company is the best way to ensure that your vehicle receives the care, coverage, and treatment it deserves.

Move Car offers a variety of auto transport services, including moving, shipping your beloved car, or joining the military. We are one of the most trusted auto transport companies in the country and have served thousands of happy customers over the past ten years. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help ship your car from one state to the next!