Posted on 10/12/22

Here Are 5 Tips For Shipping A Car When Moving Out Of State

Here Are 5 Tips For Shipping A Car When Moving Out Of State

A car shipping service may be an option if you're moving long distances. This will not only save you time but also protect your car from damage. These are some tips to help you ship your car from one state to another if you've never done so before.

Compare Auto Shipping Companies

Auto transport companies are just like any other company. You get what you pay. Avoid looking for the lowest price, and instead research the company's reputation. Moving to a new area is stressful enough without worrying about damage to your car. It is a good idea to research reviews and compare shipping companies, check for proper licensing and registration, compare rates, and ask about insurance coverage.

Confirm the Liability of Your Carrier

Be sure to read the limit of liability before you hire an auto shipping company. A reputable auto shipping company should offer coverage between $50,000 and $100,000. You should also check with your insurance company for additional coverage.

Pay Attention to the Bill of Lading

Make sure to read every word in the Bill of Lading carefully. Never make verbal promises - all terms should be written down. You should ensure that you understand all policies and procedures. Ask for clarifications if necessary.

Inspect Your Vehicle Before Shipment

Even though it's unlikely, your vehicle might be damaged in transit. It is important to inspect your vehicle before you move it. You can spot scratches, dents, and dings easily by washing your car. Take photos to prove the condition of your vehicle. It makes it easier for you to identify any potential damage.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipment

You must prepare your vehicle for shipment before you hand it over to the carrier. These are some things you can do to make sure your vehicle is ready for shipment.

  • Wash the exterior and interior.
  • Ensure that you have 1/4 tank of gas.
  • Remove all personal items from the vehicle
  • Ensure that the vehicle is in good condition.
  • Check your car's battery and tires.
  • Disarm any alarm systems.