Posted on 04/07/22

Great Tips For Vehicle Shipping Before You Ship

Great Tips For Vehicle Shipping Before You Ship

These are just a few facts about Vehicle Shipping to help you make an informed decision before you make one.

Your biggest concerns are price and how the car is moved on time. These are just a few things to keep in mind.

Never pay an upfront deposit.

Online requests for quotes are not a good idea. Every company you speak with is a broker or a carrier with a brokerage unit. And the salespeople you are talking to are commission-based.

Sometimes, salespeople will say whatever they want to in order to get the deposit. They don't get paid until your company pays them. If they don't sell it low enough, they might not be able to get you a car carrier.

You have to return the deposit you made. You'll also be subject to a $75 cancellation fee if the deposit is not returned. (Not in ours, however)

No upfront deposit is required, regardless of whether you are shipping a car with us, or another company. We are one of many ethical companies that won't require a deposit until we have you signed up with a carrier.

Second, ensure that the Vehicle Shipping Company you choose to transport your vehicle has a positive rating with the BBB. This is another important point. It is important to ensure that the carrier you choose will be reputable.

We only use car carriers with a minimum of $750,000 of insurance. They have also been PRE-SCREENED to ensure that they are very good.

This industry has one problem: most people only drive a car once in their lives. It allows people to be less honest because they don't have to worry about repeat business.

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A rating.

It is easy to view anyone's rating. Go to Select the location of your company (ours is Los Angeles). Next, type the name of your company (e.g. Move Car You can view a 3-year history of what the BBB says about the company. You might consider moving to another company if they have many complaints, especially unanswered.

All quotes that you receive are estimates. Once you have chosen a company, we all use the same site to post our moves. It's called Central Dispatch. It allows carriers to have one location and see all the moves. This makes it easier for them as they can only check at truck stops and such.

However, if you look at a quote from someone, the broker usually gets the deposit amount and the rest goes to the car carrier. This is the COD amount.

If you receive a lower quote than others, it is possible that the car carrier won't be interested in your move. Your move will sit on the website without anyone being interested. It's often the low-priced quotes that require a deposit. Be careful.

We are happy to re-examine your quote if it isn't competitive enough. We can even go online and show you the prices of other cars while we talk. Our top priority is to ensure that your price is in line with other competitors.

I hope you found this helpful. We are available to answer any questions.