Posted on 04/06/22

Get Free Shipping Quotes For Your Car

Get Free Shipping Quotes For Your Car

It is important that your car arrives safely at your house if you purchase a car in California, but reside in Massachusetts. Cars are a large investment. You will need to save thousands of dollars if you are buying a brand new car. Antique cars are priceless. It is not possible to replace an antique car because they are no longer being manufactured. You need a way to safely transport the car home. Shipping a car is the best option. You are vulnerable to car accidents on the highway and in parking lots if you drive it for hundreds of miles.

You might also have purchased your 1966 Corvette at a bargain price because it was running. It was impossible to drive it home. It will be a labor of passion, but how do you get it home safely? The answer is car shipping.

Get car shipping rates from websites such as before you make any commitments. You can get instant rates from us by using our rate calculator. To get an estimate of the cost, enter your details into our online calculator. You will need to indicate where the car came from and where it will be going (this company ships all across the United States). Do you prefer open-topped or closed-topped shipping? Shipping with an open-top is more affordable.

Next, compare your car shipping quotes. The deposit that most companies require upfront is one aspect of car shipping that might cause you to be hesitant. This is something you should not pay. You should only pay this when your car is parked in your driveway.

Move Car has over 21,000 carriers that are happy to trust your car. Your agent can switch service providers for you at no additional cost if you prefer a particular company or do not like the reputation of that firm.

Move Car's home page has lots of information. You can also call us during business hours to get a prompt reply.

BBB has rated Move Car highly because they are fair to customers. The car will arrive safely and you don't have to pay until it arrives. It can take up to seven days to ship a car. If you are unable to reach us, ask a friend to pick it up and inspect it for damage.