Posted on 05/10/22

Four Road Safety Tips To Help You Make Your Next Move

Four Road Safety Tips To Help You Make Your Next Move

Moving to a new house can be difficult because of the work involved in transporting your personal belongings. You will need to transport your furniture and boxes using a large truck. These trucks can be difficult to maneuver. These tips will help you avoid an accident when driving.

1. Dramatically increase your stopping distance

Half a million trucking accidents occur each year involving vehicles this large. This can often be caused by a lack in distance from other vehicles. It takes a long time for trucks to stop. This is why it is important to increase your stopping distance. Take your time and be patient. You can practice stopping on a stretch of road that isn't busy. This will give you an idea of how your vehicle handles.

2. Support when backing up

If you have multiple blind spots or a poor view, ask another person to help. Also, you'll need to inspect the area for people or objects that might be in your way. U-Pack suggests that you keep the windows closed to hear any sound that indicates something is out of place.

3. Take Wide Turns

You need to make your turns wider because a truck requires more space than a passenger car. If you have to make a difficult turn due to many objects around, slow down and stop as soon as possible. Turn on your turn signals and check your mirrors to see how much space is available to you while turning the truck. To reduce the chance of a collision, make the turn wider than usual.

4. Make Sure You Have Insurance

No matter how safe your driving is, accidents can still happen. It's vital to have adequate insurance in case of an accident. Insurance requirements vary between states. David Christensen Law recommends having a comprehensive, collision, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage even when your state doesn't require it. This will protect you in the event of an accident.

The professionals can help

The best way to move your belongings is to hire professionals to transport them. To protect your belongings and prevent an accident, you can trust qualified movers to operate moving trucks. These companies train and vet drivers to drive large vehicles.

How you drive your moving truck can make or break a move. You can be more cautious and protect yourself as well as other motorists by following these steps.