Posted on 05/20/22

Four Cities Which Transport The Most Cars

Four Cities Which Transport The Most Cars

Car shipping has become more popular than ever. Americans are discovering that moving to a new place can increase their opportunities and that shopping online is a great way to find the right car. Auto transport makes it easy to move vehicles from one point to another. Ever wondered which cities are most popular for shipping cars to? We have the list for you!

Four Cities that Transport the Most Cars

  1. Miami FL - Florida is the top destination for auto transportation. Miami, also known as Magic City is the top Florida car shipping destination. The snowbirds are the main source of South Florida's auto transport volume. After the hurricanes and mosquitos have subsided, snowbirds build their winter nests all around the Greater Miami Metropolitan Area. These winter-dwellers are scattered along South Florida's coastline. Their cars arrive via auto transport.
  2. Los Angeles (California) - SoCal's Los Angeles is the top location for auto shipping. L.A. is a large and sprawling city in the United States, making it a popular destination for car shipping. It's not surprising that there are people moving to this area every day.
  3. New York City, New York The Big Apple is a popular destination for many people around the world. Every day, new residents move to NYC in search of fame, better jobs or just to enjoy the amazing city that it has to offer. It is just as busy going to New York as it is coming from the city. Many are opting to travel to other places and bringing their cars with them, despite the high cost of living.
  4. Houston Texas - Texas is a very popular state for car shipping. Top car shipping destinations include San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Texas is a great place to live, with its mild climates, abundant industries, and affordable costs of living. Every day, many Texas residents use car shippers for their cars to be delivered to their new homes.

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