Posted on 06/07/22

For Military Personnel A Quick Guide To Auto Transport

For Military Personnel A Quick Guide To Auto Transport

A reliable auto transport company can quickly and efficiently ship your vehicle if you're preparing to serve in the military. Military personnel are often shipped from one base to another across the U.S. so it is important to find a company that can transport your vehicle to your destination on your schedule and in your preferred timeframe. Move Car Auto Transport is a reliable and highly qualified company that can handle your military auto shipping requirements.

Shipping your vehicle can be stressful, especially during a move. Military personnel deserve special attention for auto transport. It can be difficult to find a reliable company to transport your vehicle if you're in a rush or have a limited time frame.

You shouldn't have to worry about your vehicle's condition once it arrives at the military base or where you are going. You must be either an active member of the U.S. Armed Forces, a retired DoD civilian, or active military personnel to ship your POV. Shipping POVs is not easy. Except for motorcycles and mopeds, they must have at least 4 wheels. They must be self-propelled and wheeled, and legal for use on roads.

Shipping in Your POV

You can bring certain items into your POV. These are:

  • Luggage racks
  • Car items (tire irons, jacks, jumper cables, etc.)
  • 1 spare tire and 2 snow tires (mounted, unmounted).
  • Car seats, packable cribs, strollers
  • The Vehicle Processing Center (VPC), will give small items in one carton.
  • Speakers or audio equipment found in the trunk or POV should be fixed to the car.

Things That You Cannot Ship to Your POV

  • POV: Liquids can stain and spill.
  • Cans that are pressurized
  • Accessories that aren’t part of the POV
  • Hazardous or explosive materials
  • If not permanently installed, DVD players, TVs, and gaming systems will not work.

Additional Shipping Information

The government will pay one vehicle for you to ship to your military station when you send a POV. You should:

  • Before shipping, have your POV cleaned
  • Please fill out the following form for the vehicle that you wish to ship
  • Before shipping, contact VPC if you are moving to remote areas.
  • Before you send your military vehicle, make sure that the owner of your vehicle has given written permission.

If you're looking to ship your POV, make sure you only choose a shipping company that is familiar with military automobile shipping. Move Car Auto Transport will provide you with a free quote and a low-cost estimate to transport your military vehicle. You can be sure that your vehicle will arrive safely and on time, no matter where it is going.