Posted on 10/25/22

Five Tips To Improve Automotive Supply Chain Visibility

Five Tips To Improve Automotive Supply Chain Visibility

Why is the automotive supply chain so fragmented?

End-to-end visibility into your supply chain can be difficult if your information is scattered and your processes are not connected. Disjointed views can cause poor inventory management, inaccurate ETAs, compliance problems, and angry vendors, and customers.

"It's always this way." This is a common response from auctions and dealerships. However, it reveals a fear or a lack of understanding of the options for auto logistics. Change doesn't have to be dramatic to make a difference in your business.

These five strategies will help you get closer to visibility throughout your supply chain.

1. Assess your current car logistics and imagine your future.

Examine your supply chain closely and find any bottlenecks, informational gaps or pain points. Talk to key suppliers and stakeholders to establish goals and to get their support for achieving each milestone.

2. All suppliers can be integrated onto one common platform for auto logistics

To avoid delays, plan inventory better and manage customer expectations, you need to be able to pinpoint exactly where parts and vehicles are located at all times.

3. Hire and empower your employees with knowledge of auto logistics

Specialization is required for visibility throughout the supply chain. Are your employees aware of what is expected of them at each stage in your supply chain? You need people who are skilled in new technologies and processes to make the most of your system.

4. Get the help of an expert in automotive logistics

A partner in automotive logistics can help you re-calibrate your supply chain and achieve the visibility that you need to succeed today and tomorrow.

5. Your new auto logistics process should be trusted

Now it's time for you to put your goals into practice, standardize the process, empower your employees, and seek the help of a logistics expert. Your employees can help to contextualize reports, and your 3PL partner can provide industry insight to assist you in making informed decisions.

It is vital to have visibility from end to end in the automotive supply chain. You can improve your operations and capitalize on new revenue-generating opportunities by having the right technology and tools. Move Car Automation Portal is one solution. M.A.P. is an acronym. This platform, also known as M.A.P., is an automated, single-source solution to streamlining your supply chain. Learn how you can efficiently move units and manage vehicle inventories.

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