Posted on 01/24/22

Five Tips To Enhance Your Car Shipping Experience

Five Tips To Enhance Your Car Shipping Experience

Most people never have to experience the car shipping experience. Most people have never shipped a vehicle before. Transporting a car can be a daunting task for those who aren't familiar with the process. It doesn't matter if those surprises are about the pickup and delivery times, how payments work, or anything else, it is always a surprise when transporting a vehicle. It can also lead to a bad car shipping experience. This is something we try to avoid.

This is why we have created this guide for improving your auto transport experience. These are five tips to help you improve your vehicle transport experience.

#1: Learn about car shipping

It is important to know how shipping a car works. There is plenty of literature available that will help you understand the entire process from start to finish. Take a look at the Auto Transport From Start to Finish document for a detailed overview.

We'll summarize if you don't have the time to click on the link. You first find a car transportation company and hire them to transport your vehicle. After you have placed your order, the company you choose will find you a car carrier that can transport your vehicle within the timeframe you need.

Once you have assigned a carrier, the company will charge your deposit or down payment. The rest will be paid to the driver upon delivery. The Bill of Lading will be signed by you and the driver who was assigned to pick up your vehicle. After your vehicle is delivered, you will inspect it again, sign the Bill of Lading, and then pay the driver. Congratulations, you're finished!

It is essential to have a high-quality car shipping experience. The following tips will make it easier to understand and apply.

#2: Make a plan.

Once you have a better understanding of the process, it is time to discuss how to transport your vehicle. Plan accordingly. It can be difficult to plan for things like transporting a vehicle. Your clar shipping experience is better if you take some time and plan your schedule.

These are crucial steps you must take immediately. It is a good idea to book your transportation at least a few days in advance. If you need your vehicle picked up Thursday or Friday, please book your shipment for Monday.

This advice may change depending on many factors. Summertime is busier so it's better to have more time as it can take some time to find the right carrier. Because there is less freight to transport, expedited shipments tend to move faster in the winter months. Prices drop when there's less freight on load boards because there's less competition among carriers.

You should allow yourself enough time to complete everything. Rushing your shipment could lead to higher shipping costs and delays, which can impact your schedule.

This is not like ordering pizza. You will need to plan and take time to transport your vehicle safely. Help your shipper by doing what you can.

#3: Do not skimp on the reviews

Customer reviews are a big part of our culture. Although this isn't changing, it has changed the way we determine quality. We used to read reviews in magazines and newspapers, but word of mouth was the best way to find out about a company's quality. We now have the internet to find out how good or poor a company is. This applies double for car shippers.

It is crucial to find the right company for you, given the nature of the auto shipping industry. Each shipping company is unique. There are many options for shipping companies. They offer different services, have different preferred carriers, and have different prices. These factors will all impact the shipment. It is therefore important to find a company with a solid reputation.

In terms of company quality, the industry is far more competitive than it was in the past. Bad companies are being swept aside by internet-based reviews systems while high-quality companies rise. You'll likely find many quality companies by simply doing a google search.

We recommend you get quotes from several shippers. Look at their reviews. You have a variety of websites to choose from, such as Yelp, Google, and Transport Reviews. These websites are trusted by customers and you can also trust them. Look for a company that has many positive reviews and shows they care about their customers. All of the sites listed above have reviews about our services.

#4: Be thorough and thoughtful

This tip is the most crucial, at least in relation to your day-to-day interactions and dealings with your shipping company. It is vital to know the vehicle you are shipping and its condition.

Here's an example. One customer was shipping a large pickup truck. We were told that the truck was a stock pickup truck straight from the dealer. The vehicle turned out to be quite different from what was advertised. The driver was unable to load the vehicle due to a steeper lift than originally stated, larger tires than stock, an extended cab, and a longer bed.

All that information would have allowed us to give a different quote for the vehicle. We had to cancel the shipment with the carrier because the customer misrepresented the truck. We then had to requote and repost the order. The customer's shipment took several days longer than expected and cost them more than they should have.

We are not accusing the customer of deliberately misleading us. It's sometimes impossible to determine the exact condition of a vehicle, especially if it was purchased online. It is important to research the vehicle and ensure that your shipping company has accurate information. Tell us what modifications you have made to the vehicle if it isn't in stock. Let us know if it isn't running.

We want to ship your vehicle as quickly as possible. We can achieve this goal better if you are more thorough.

#5: Be flexible

Auto transport is fluid. Your car shipping experience with auto transport will be fluid too. Flexibility is key.

The pickup and delivery dates for a vehicle that we are dispatching to a carrier company are always estimated. Estimated delivery dates are usually subject to 24-hour notice. While on the road, drivers must deal with many issues, such as traffic, construction, and inclement weather.

Your transporter may not always arrive on the specified date. Most vehicles are picked up the day they are specified. However, carriers may arrive one day earlier or later depending on extenuating circumstances.

Flexible dates and times are important. You should be available for pickup on Friday, even if it is Friday. Of course, you don't need to sit by the phone waiting. This simply means you must be available to receive the call from the carrier so they can pick up or deliver your package promptly.

However, flexibility doesn't always apply to the price that you pay. When you place an order with us, we will not ask for any more money. However, there is a caveat. There are rare occasions when road conditions can cause sudden price increases along your route. We will inform you if this happens.

Flexibility is an essential component of a great car shipping experience. You can call us anytime to ask questions or to speak with a representative.

Move Car offers a high-quality car shipping experience.

We are a top-notch car transporter. Our company is a 5-star rating on Yelp and Google as well as Transport Reviews. Every shipment is a success because we work hard for it. Our website offers a free quote for transporting your vehicle. To get a quote by phone, you can also reach out to one of our agents anytime. Don't worry - Move Car will get the job done right the first and only time.