Posted on 11/25/22

Five Things Car Dealers Do Not Want You To Know

Five Things Car Dealers Do Not Want You To Know

Do you want to make smart car investments by being an informed shopper or blindly going to the dealership? We're going to reveal 5 things that car dealers won't tell you. And how you can beat them to find the right vehicle for you.

Do Your Research

Smart car shopping is easy if you follow these simple rules. The internet is your best resource to find the best deal. It's worth it because over 90% of car buyers do their research before buying. Kelly Blue Book and Autotrader offer valuable information including rebates, safety ratings and returns of investment.

Get a Discount by Paying Cash

Cash is the king, as they say! You can pay cash if you are able to and avoid financing your vehicle. Dealers will often negotiate with you if your upfront payment is possible. This can result in big savings for you.

Shop on The Website

Before you visit a dealership, do your research on all the cars you are interested in. Get a quote from the dealership for a few cars you like. Next, look at other dealers in the area. What is the price difference? Is one dealer better than another?

Do It Yourself Financing Options - Skip the Dealership

For everyone, paying cash for a car is not always an option. It's okay if that's you. You have other options. Do your research ahead of time to find the best car loan without the dealership. You can take your time to get the best deal possible and the most affordable rate for you.

Add-Ons will cost you

The biggest thing the car dealer won't tell you is what extras you have to pay after you say 'yes'. Some add-ons can be very lucrative for dealers, like:

  • Extended warranty
  • Rust coating
  • Security system or:
  • Paint protection.

Are you interested in these add-ons Do not believe the hype, and don't feel pressured into adding it to your price. Do your research. You can negotiate first. Dealers will always try to make a deal.

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