Posted on 02/08/22

Five Online Places For Finding Your Dream Alt Living Vehicle

Five Online Places For Finding Your Dream Alt Living Vehicle

Are you ready to live on the road? Not sure where to look for the right vehicle? Many are turning to the used market for a taste on the open road, with new RV sales soaring and dealers struggling to deal with an order backlog.

Online buying is easy, regardless of whether you want the luxury of an RV, the freedom of a travel trailer or the minimalistic charm of a converted campervan. We've compiled a list of five marketplaces and websites that can help you find the right RV for you.


eBay Motors offers everything, from folding trailers and camper vans to large-sized RVs. They are also an official partner, so shipping large items will be easy.

Top Pick: These trailers are easy to transport and store away, but they have a large interior that allows for flexibility.


Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new addition to the pre-loved vehicle seller marketplace, but there are many options. Are you not into the vintage look? You don't have to be embarrassed, as there are many newer models available in your local marketplace.

Top Finding: Are you looking for authentic Americana road trip vibes in your alt-living vehicle This 1950s vintage travel trailer includes a custom awning and original cabinets and hardware. It also has an original icebox. As you travel across the country, be prepared to be watched by all eyes.


Craigslist is a trusted online spot for purchasing used vehicles. You can browse through all types of alt-living vehicles, from used to new, large to small, and in a range price points. There are also many styles to choose from. You will find what you are looking for here.

Top Finding: Do you love small spaces and big adventures? This van is a great buy-and-go vehicle for starting your journey on the road. It can be taken to the desert, mountains, forest, or lake.


Do you want to build your own alt-living vehicle from scratch? Vanlife Trader offers van conversion builders in the United States and camper vans for purchase.

Top Search: Want your alt-living vehicle or truck to be noticed at the campground? This A-frame camper/truck combo is a show-stopper and the ideal adventure setup. You can remove the camper to transport other items like quads and motorcycles. The truck's 4x4 capability allows you to reach harder-to-reach places.


Are you more of a homebody, but still have the wanderlust spirit? You might consider a tiny house on wheels. Tiny House Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for tiny homes. It can help you find the right tiny house to rent or buy and connect you with tiny home builders.

Top Finding: You can be mobile but still have the comforts and security of your home. You can choose a small house that's more open to your personal touches (such as this one), or one that is fully finished and ready for you to go.

Have you found the perfect vehicle for alt-living? We can help if it isn't right down the road. Get competitive quotations from professional transporters for RV and camper van, tiny homes, and travel caravan shipping today on Move Car.