Posted on 05/31/22

Five Most Popular Muscle Classic Cars

Five Most Popular Muscle Classic Cars

Americans were driven to speed by their cars in the late 40s. The muscle car emerged as a result of Americans' desire for speed. It is a part of American culture that is ubiquitous and lots of fun. Oldsmobile Rocket 88 was the first muscle car to be built. It featured a high-compression overhead-valve V8 and a lightweight Oldsmobile body. American motorists have always loved the combination of speed and muscle. This is why our roads are so well-known.

Let's Take a Look at the Most Popular Muscle Cars

  1. The 68 Mustang Shelby GT5000 – The 1968 Mustang had more power than its predecessors, making it the machine of choice for drag racers. The 355-hp, 428-cubic inch big-block horsepower Shelby GT 500s had was available. Shelby Mustangs from this year impressed car testers with their quarter-mile times of just 14 seconds.
  2. The '70 Plymouth GTX- Although the 1970 Plymouth looked like James Bond, it was still an impressive muscle car loaded with a 440cc V8 and 375 horsepower. Convertibles were all the rage in 1970 when they first appeared on the market.
  3. The 84 Chevy Corvette – The Corvette is America's most popular sports car. The 1984 Corvette offered a small-block Chevy V-8. Most consider the '84 Corvette to be the finest generation of this national treasure, and a top favorite of muscle car enthusiasts.
  4. The 1964 Pontiac GTO. One of the most famous muscle cars is the Pontiac GTO. It was available in three versions: a coupe, hardtop or convertible. Its 389 cubic inch V8 was rated at 325 horsepower and featured a single Carter four barrel carb, chromed valve covers, and a seven-blade clutch fan. The GTO still holds the title of the most iconic muscle car, with three speed and the ability to beat any other vehicle in the 1/4 mile.
  5. The 69 Dodge Daytona – The Dodge Daytona was designed for Nascar racing. The Daytona was made illegal by the Nascar rules and is now a popular production car.

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