Posted on 08/22/22

Five Facts You Need To Know About Auto Transportation

Five Facts You Need To Know About Auto Transportation

As online car shopping becomes more popular, the auto transport industry is rapidly growing. You may also need to transport your car if you're moving across the country, going on vacation, or sending a child off to college. No matter what reason you have, moving a car across the country is not an easy task. That's why auto transport companies are here. You don't have the hassle of having to transport your car. They take care of all the logistics. This is a convenient service that is easy to use, but it is not the only thing. It requires planning, research, and preparation from the customer. These are important facts to know if your are thinking about auto transportation services.

1. Not all car shipping companies are the same

You should shop around before you hire a professional painter, contractor, or mechanic. There are many companies offering the same services, but not all of them offer the same customer service. First, make sure you verify that the company you're working with is licensed, registered, insured, and bonded. To ensure a company's reputation, read a lot of customer reviews. You should also compare prices and avoid any company that seems too good to be true. You don't want to get scammed while looking for auto transport.

2. There is no set price

People want to know how much auto transport costs. There are many factors that affect the shipping cost. The factors that determine the cost of shipping include the vehicle's size, distance, pick-up, and drop-off locations, enclosed or open transport, season, and current fuel prices. If you give them this information, any reputable company will be able to provide you with a quote for free.

3. Delivery times are not guaranteed

In the auto transport industry, it is almost impossible to predict delivery times. There are many factors outside of the control of auto transport companies that could cause delays. Weather delays, traffic jams, and road closures are just a few of the factors that can cause delays. While most companies will try to accommodate your needs as best they can, it is important that you are flexible and remember that not all things are possible to guarantee. Plan ahead and be prepared for a delay in your delivery.

4. There are many shipping methods

There are many things you should consider when choosing an auto transport company. Open or enclosed transport are options. Although your car will still be exposed to the elements outside, open carriers are the most affordable and popular option. Although it is more secure, an enclosed carrier will be the best option. However, this will cost extra. This is most commonly used for classic, exotic, and luxury cars that must be maintained in perfect condition.

5. Preparing your vehicle for shipment is a must

It's not as simple as just giving your keys. To ensure the safe delivery of your vehicle, there are several important steps that you should take. You will need to prepare your vehicle to be shipped.

  • Exterior washing
  • Photographs of any damage, such as scratches, dents or dings, should be taken.
  • All fluids, including oil, brake, transmission, and washer fluids, must be topped up
  • Make sure you check the tire pressure and battery.
  • Make any repairs or maintenance necessary, such as an oil change
  • You should not leave more than 1/4 tank of gas in your car
  • All exterior accessories, including luggage racks or bike racks, retractable antennas, or customer spoilers, must be removed
  • Take all personal belongings out of the vehicle