Posted on 04/22/22

Fees Of Auto Transport

Fees Of Auto Transport

You will need some money if you plan to transport your car elsewhere using auto transport services. Move Car won't charge you a large fee, but that is not the case. We are actually one of the most affordable car transport companies in the nation.

This simply means that you will need to pay a bit more for auto transport and services. This is important if your car arrives on time and safely.

It's possible to DIY it.

It is possible to do your own auto transport while traveling by land. However, this is not to say that it is impossible. Let's not say you want to save money, but let's discuss how much it will cost you.

Wear and tear to the vehicle

Although vehicles are designed to last for a long time they will not last forever. We do our best to maintain our vehicles so they last a long time. Your car's expiry date is closer the more you drive it. Your vehicle's decline is caused by driving it too many miles.

Your car can simply sit on a trailer, enclosed or open-air, and it will take care of the rest. It will eventually arrive at its destination, and any wear and tear will be minimized, which will save you money over the long-term.

Lodging and food over long distances

Truck drivers, regardless of whether they are from Move Car, don't drive endlessly until they reach their destination.

They will become tired along the way and may need to rest for a while. Sometimes this means that they will need to stay at a motel until morning or until the weather clears.

They will get hungry, just like you. It will be more expensive than ordering room service if you need it.

Travelling long distances and cross-country can make lodging and food expensive. It is always more affordable to pay auto transportation fees that include both these factors.

Fuel and road maintenance

Fuel prices are rising, which means that it is more expensive to keep our cars running and get us where we need. You'll need to fill up your car with more gas if you travel across states or between multiple states.

All fuel costs are included in auto transport fees. Because one carrier transports multiple cars, it is a cheaper option for all car owners.

Maintenance is another reason why an auto transport company is better than DIYing. What do you do if your car stops working? You can call a mechanic or tow company, but that is not always the fastest option, especially in smaller towns.

Move Car inspects every vehicle before it leaves the terminal. This reduces the chance of having to deal with any maintenance issues. Our drivers are skilled in handling minor problems. We can also help you get your shipment moving again by contacting reputable companies in other states if there are any serious problems.

Take time off work

You will need to leave work if you don't have a weekend off or are willing to drive for hours. You could be too tired to do other things, or you might have too much drive time.

Our drivers are more prepared for the road than any other person and can do a better job.

What are the auto transport fees?

Sometimes, auto transport involves two companies working together to offer one service.

The broker agency is the first. This agency is responsible for marketing to customers who need auto transport services, and placing them with a reliable carrier. The fee for this service is usually a deposit.

Next is the carrier company. This company will transport your vehicle or car to the location you have specified. After the service is completed, you will need to pay cash for delivery to this company.

Larger companies may be able to do both jobs simultaneously, which can make them more affordable in certain cases.

Payment Methods

Common misconception: Cash on Delivery is a literal translation of paper money. It doesn't.

Although most auto transport companies accept credit card payments, some don't care about credit cards due to bad customer experiences that led to customers calling the bank to cancel the payment. Checks are the same, although some companies will also specify money orders or cashier's check.

Peer-to-peer payments (P2P), such as Zelle, Cash App and Venmo, have become more accepted in recent years. To avoid delays, inquire about payment options before delivery.

What is the cost of auto transport?

There will be a wide range of auto transport fees. Some companies charge more than others. They all share the same cost factors, regardless of whether there is a $30 or $80 difference in their auto transport quotes.

These are the main factors that affect auto transport costs:

Type of vehicle and its condition

A vehicle transport company should charge higher fees for larger vehicles than for smaller ones. Larger vehicles are heavier, longer, and wider than smaller ones. They take up more space, which allows them to transport fewer vehicles.

When you sign up for an online quote, you will be asked to provide information about the make and model. Your auto transport cost will be determined by the dimensions of your vehicle.


All reputable car transportation companies in the U.S. must provide minimum insurance to their customers. Although the service is generally safe and does not involve any major incidents, it is a good idea that you are prepared for any possible risks.

You may need to get additional coverage through your insurance to cover more expensive vehicles. Your auto transport fees will increase if the vehicle is more expensive.

Number of vehicles

An auto carrier will need to transport more vehicles to a given location. This will increase the time, effort and gas required. You will be charged twice the price for transporting more vehicles than you would pay for one.

It's where it's going

The further your vehicle travels, both the fuel consumption and mileage will increase. This is the most important factor to consider when transporting vehicles.

Domestic transport is usually the most affordable, regardless of whether it's traveling across the country or to neighboring states. International auto transport is more costly and fees for international transport will vary depending on where you are located. It is cheaper to ship to places that have frequent shipping routes than to those with less traffic. The route chosen, whether it is ocean freight or plane transport, will also be considered.

You should also consider the distance from the delivery area. These routes are often less popular due to low population and difficulty getting there. For example, auto transport from Alaska. Even though Anchorage is one of the busiest airports on the planet, trucking to Alaska is only for the most capable and willing drivers.

When it is being transported

The auto transport industry, like many other businesses, is affected by seasonal fluctuations. Due to high demand, peak season is a busy time for auto transporters. This is due to the weather but also depends on seasons that bring about 'big changes' such as graduation or freshman year.

Weather and road/sea conditions are often the main factors that determine off-season. A higher risk means that people are less likely to want to ship a vehicle. Sometimes, there is a shortage of drivers who are willing and able to transport cars.

Because of lower demand, auto transport costs are less expensive in the off-season. Many companies offer special discounts to attract customers.

Transport enclosed or open-air

Open-air shipping is the most economical way to ship your car, domestically or internationally. Both cases require that the vehicle be secured to the truck or ship using tie-downs. Although they are exposed to the elements, it isn't an issue.

Because fewer vehicles can ship at once, enclosed transport is more expensive. Because of the way that trucks are made, enclosed carriers cannot transport as many cars. The containers on a ship are neatly stacked to save space. However, you will need to pay a fee to use the container.

Terminal vs door delivery

It will take longer, more gas and more effort if the truck driver must go out of his way in order to deliver your car to you. You will be charged more for this service.

If you choose terminal delivery, your auto transport costs will be lower and vice versa if it is picked up. To get the item, you will need to visit the terminal or company's headquarters.

Extra services

You may need to pay a little more for extra services.

A premium or white-glove service is available for luxury and classic cars. Drivers must take extra precautions for other cars.

For expedited services, you will be charged an additional fee. You will be charged extra for expedited service if your vehicle needs to reach its destination faster. This can mean that your transport is given priority.

Make wise choices

Research is the most important thing you can to make sure you get the best auto transport prices.

Begin by learning as much information about the company that is relevant to your services. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a great resource. Google Reviews and rating sites such as Yelp can be used to find out what customers have to say. You can also check out the complaints and read both positive reviews.

Next, compare quotes and shop around. Many auto transport companies will provide you with a quote form that gives you an estimate of the auto transport fees. While it might seem more appealing to choose the cheapest option, you should consider the quality of the company as well as the value for money.

Your needs may dictate whether your company size is important. A larger company may be more able to handle your high-end transport requirements. Many small businesses have operator drivers that are equally dedicated and can often get the job done faster. It all depends on the company's offerings.

Amazing Auto Transport Fees from Move Car

Move Car is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable company to transport your vehicle.

Move Car's star-studded team combines decades of experience and modernity to make your auto transport dreams a reality. Move Car offers a wide range of services, including simple car transport and long-distance moves in foreign countries.

Call us today to find out more about the services that you require and the auto transport fees.