Posted on 11/11/20

Factors Influencing The Car Shipping Cost

Factors Influencing The Car Shipping Cost

The cost required for the car shipping process is one of the major concerns for people who want to ship their car across the country or overseas. Usually, it is seen that companies involved in shipping and moving of household goods and other packages don’t ship vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary for consumers to find a reliable car shipping company that is capable of offering quality auto transport services and keeps the required car shipping cost feasible for everyone involved in the process including the consumer. There can be a variety of people who want to ship their car for various purposes, some of them will ship their car from a distant dealer who sold them a vehicle, some will buy vintage cars and want to have these cars delivered safely, and many others will be moving their car due to professional or personal reasons. 

Thus, there are various intents behind the shipment of a car. However, regardless of the intent, all types of consumers have to pay the charges of auto transport. These charges will never be the same for two different vehicles even if the distance and mode of shipping are the same. This is because there are a number of factors that influence the car shipping cost. We have gathered some information about these factors to help consumers. Further details are given below:


Make and Model of the vehicle:

While consulting any auto transport company for a car shipping price quote, the consumer will come across a very basic question by the shipper and that will be “what is the make and model of your car?” If you know the exact make and model of your car you will get a more accurate quote. The reason behind this is some specific cars will cost you more for transport as compared to others. Vehicles like luxury and vintage cars need special services and attention. The companies shipping cars compensate this additional attention and service with a raise in shipping cost. 


Car Shipping Season:

Like many other industries, the caar shipping industry also goes through ups and lows annually. Some phases in a year tend to be the busiest for car shipping companies while others are silent and cold. The car shipping prices will be much higher during the high season because of the rise in demand as compared to the low seasons. For instance, it is usually observed that shipping a car during winters will cost you considerably higher as compared to the summers when the season is low. Therefore, if you don’t have any urgent need you should ship your vehicle during low seasons to avoid paying exceptionally higher than the actual price because of the raise in demand of car shipping services.


Size and Weight of the vehicle:

An inevitable factor affecting the price of shipping vehicles is specific to every single vehicle hauled by an auto shipping company. This factor is the size and weight of a vehicle that is supposed to ship across the country. The size and weight of a vehicle are directly proportional to the cost of shipping vehicles. In simple terms, the larger and heavier a vehicle in size, the expensive it will become for shipping. On the other hand, lightweight and more compact vehicles are cheaper for auto transport. Additionally, if you have some personal stuff in your vehicle that is exceeding the weight limit allowed by a company, you have to pay for its weight as well. 



Car shipping cost is not only dependent on the distance only, there are a number of factors that influence the cost you need to pay for shipping cars. We have discussed major factors above. There are many other factors as well like modifications in the vehicle, transportation method, insurance, and delivery time frame. Move Car auto transport is one of the popular auto shipping companies across states, we are capable of providing you with instant price quotes using our efficient shipping price calculator available on our website. Our pricing method is fully transparent and you don’t have to pay any hidden charges once you get the quote from Move Car. Contact us or visit our website to know more about us!